How to Get Pregnant after You Tie Your Tubes

How to Get Pregnant after You Tie Your Tubes

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Usually, having your tubes tied is a permanent way to avoid pregnancy. But some women have regrets and may change their minds about trying to get pregnant again after a few years. Fortunately, it is possible to reverse the procedure so that a woman is able to become pregnant once again. During the original procedure, a doctor will actually cut the woman’s tubes so that the egg will not be able to travel down them. The success of the reversal depends on several different factors. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

For starters, it is possible that the woman’s tubes will be too short to be reattached. If this is the case, the egg will still not be able to travel through the eggs in order to become fertilized. This will make becoming pregnant naturally impossible.

Another factor that must be considered is the condition that the tubes are in. The tubes may have become damaged during either procedure, which may cause them to become blocked. Having blocked fallopian tubes is difficult to reverse and may make it difficult for the egg to travel through. But for the most part, tubal ligation reversals have a pretty good success rate for women trying to get pregnant.

However, there are still options that women have when they are trying to become pregnant. For example, fertility treatments may make it possible for a woman to become pregnant even if her tubes are tied. Treatments like in-vitro fertiliation which extracts the egg from the ovaries, therefore bypassing the fallopian tubes at all, is an option for those with their tubes tied. However, these are expensive and most couples may find it difficult to afford these types of treatments.

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