How to Get Fit for Pregnancy

How to Get Fit for Pregnancy

Our lifestyles are very unhealthy today. We really don’t seem to care about our health and live through our stressful lives each day. However, entering pregnancy in an unhealthy state is not a good idea at all. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

During pregnancy you will face a number of changes such as hormonal changes, nutritional requirements, and weight gain. In order to cope up with all that, you should be healthy from the word go. Poor health will not just make things difficult for you but also for your baby.

Hence you should focus on getting fit in preparation of pregnancy right from the time you decide that it is time to conceive. Remember that doing it earlier is more beneficial than trying to do it while you are pregnant. Here are a few steps for you to take in order to get fit for pregnancy.

Reach out to your doctor

Go for a head-to-toe health checkup before you conceive. A complete checkup will help you find out if you want have any underlying medical problems that can make things difficult for you. Once a problem is detected, it can be treated quickly.

This is much better than entering pregnancy with a medical problem that may harm you as well as your baby. Alongside, talk to your doctor about your daily routine and your lifestyle. Ask him for advice about exercises to perform before pregnancy in order to get fit, exercises during pregnancy, and exercises after pregnancy. Make sure you follow his advice without fail.

Include prenatal vitamins in your diet

Prenatal vitamins are extremely important. The most important if folic acid. Take multivitamins that contain a minimum of 400-mcg of folic acid. If you take folic acid supplements, you will significantly bring down neural tube defect risks for your child. At the same time you should be careful not to take overdoses of vitamins A and E, especially, because they can harm you and your baby.

Shed the extra pounds

Being overweight or obese is never cool, even more so when you trying to get pregnant. Your weight should be healthy at the beginning of pregnancy for your child’s and your sake. Obesity brings with it problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy. So try to lose weight to get pregnant.

Alter your diet

Change your diet for the better. Whole grains, vegetables, and fruits must be a part of your diet – the more the better. Go easy on fat, sugar, and salt from the beginning itself so that it is not hard to quit them all of a sudden when you are pregnant.


Start exercising right from the day you decide to get pregnant. Exercising will help you stay fit and it will bring down your stress levels at the same time. You should aim for about half an hour of exercise per day. You can continue most exercises even when you are pregnant and afterwards.

Change your lifestyle

Make a few lifestyle changes such as alcohol and smoking. Smoking does absolutely no good. By smoking you are risking the life of your baby. Smoking and alcohol also make it difficult to get pregnant to begin with.

At the same time, you should bring down your caffeine intake too. Start reducing the intake slowly so that by the time you are pregnant, you have no problem abstaining from them. Stopping suddenly can cause withdrawal symptoms, which can make things worse for you because your body will already be going through so many pregnancy changes. Adding withdrawal to it is not good.

Follow all these steps and you will be fit by the time you are pregnant!

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Maureen Stephens, BS, RN
Maureen Stephens, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
Ms. Stephens has spent over twenty years in the healthcare world, specializing in obstretical and medical/surgical nursing. She joined ConceiveEasy as she has a strong interest in educating and empowering women and promoting fertility awareness.