How to Ease Sciatica Pain in Pregnancy

How to Ease Sciatica Pain in Pregnancy

Sciatic nerve pain is more commonly called sciatica. What happens in this case is that your lower back starts paining and you feel that pain even in your foot. It usually radiates from the lower back to the knees and your foot. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

You might also feel muscle weakness at times. You should note that sciatica occurs only on one side of the body at a time. This pain is caused when the sciatic nerve is irritated and that is usually because of an injury.

What is sciatica?

Sciatic nerve pain is common during pregnancy and that is because of the hormone named relaxin. This hormone is released during pregnancy and this is important to open the pelvis during delivery. However, the hormone can also cause problems.

It can shift a bone entirely in the pelvic region. Such a shift in the bone can pressurize the sciatic nerve directly. As a result, you suffer from sciatica. If you experience this pain, you will experience the classic pins and needles sensation along with difficulty in changing your position and walking.

It is very important that you get rid of the pain immediately lest it becomes unbearable. There are home remedies to alleviate the pain and you definitely don’t need to worry about anything. Here are a few tips that will help you ease sciatica pain during pregnancy:

Alter your routine

Alter your daily routine and your schedule so that you don’t have to do anything that causes pain. Avoid bending, lifting, standing, and walking as much as you can because these will only worsen your pain. You should take the help of your spouse or family members in the daily chores so that you don’t stress yourself too much. The more movement you put your body through, the worse the pain will get. Be very careful.

Neutral position

As aforementioned, the pain is caused only on one side at a time. Thus, you should lie on the side that is not affected. When you do this you ease the pressure on the affected nerve and the pain goes down as a result. Rest with a pillow in between your knees to ease the pain further. A neutral position will also help you a lot.

What suits you best

Hot and cold packs are another good idea. Warm baths and heating pads help some women while cold packs help other women. No two women are alike and no two pregnancies are alike. You should find what suits your body the best and choose accordingly.

Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic treatment can also give you a lot of relief. Ensure that you visit a professional and well-experienced chiropractor to get your alignment adjusted. The best part is that such treatment is extremely safe during pregnancy, and it is very effective. Thus, you can get rid of the pain without worrying too much about your pregnancy and associated complications.

Special therapy

If you don’t want to go to a chiropractor and if the home remedies don’t work, you should visit a physical therapist. He will give you a special therapy to ease the pain by relaxing the pelvic muscles and the muscles around the sciatic nerve. He will also give you an exercise routine to follow for maximum effectiveness of his therapy.

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Monica Scott, BS, RN
Monica Scott, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
Ms. Scott joined ConceiveEasy after working in prenatal obstetrical care for two years in a private practice before being promoted to Director of Nursing. She has a strong interest in women's health with an emphasis on promoting fertility awareness.