How Old is Too Old to Get Pregnant?

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There are a number of reasons that women may wait to have kids. One reason is that they are waiting to establish their careers before starting a family. Another reason may be that they have not yet met the perfect person to have kids with or perhaps they have met them, but are struggling to get pregnant. Whatever your reason is for wanting kids as an older adult, you already know that your chances of getting pregnant diminish as you age. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Many people believe that after a woman reaches a certain age that pregnancy is completely impossible. But, how true are these claims? And how do you know when you have reached that age?

How old is too old?

Some critics believe that a woman should stop having kids after she reaches a certain age. For many, they believe that women who are 35 or older are too old to have kids. However, there are many women who safely have babies well into their 40s and even into their 50s. Many of these women are forced to have medical assistance, but it is still possible for them to become.

It is true that a woman’s body will eventually not be able to conceive children. We are only born with a certain number of eggs and after those runouts, we will no longer be able to have children. Nonetheless, the age in which this process ends is different for each woman. In reality, it is best that you visit with your doctor in order to determine your specific chances of conceiving.

Am I too old?

There does come a point when we are past the desirable age to have a child, even if we are still capable of having children. In order to determine if you can handle the struggles that are related to having children, it is important that you evaluate your mental and physical state carefully.

Remember that kids take a lot of energy and devotion. Are you up to the challenge? Can you physically handle getting up late at night to feed a baby? It is also important to realize that your chances of having a baby with special needs increases as you age. In fact, for a woman who is 45 you have a 1 in 30 chance of having a baby with Down Syndrome; for those who are 49, that chance is 1 in 10. This is something that you need to consider carefully before committing to having a child.

Information About Pregnancy After 40 Years Old

Your risk of a miscarriage increases with age. After age 40, your risk of a miscarriage is more than 35 percent. The big worry for many older mothers is the risk of birth defects and conditions such as Down syndrome.

You should also consider how you will interact with your baby as you age. As your baby grows, they will have things that they want to do, like play sports and go outside. Will you be able to keep up with them through this special time? As we age, this process becomes difficult and your kids have the chance of missing out on things if you cannot devote the time and energy that you need to them.

Another very important factor is the age that you will become in the future. Typically, a child requires a minimum of eighteen years of constant parenting. Think about the different stages that your child will go through and evaluate what your age will be at that point. If something happens to you in the meantime, will there be someone there for your child as they grow up?

What can I do to get pregnant?

If you have weighed these questions in your mind carefully and decided that pregnancy is a very real and positive situation for you, your next step is to learn what your options are so that you can conceive. Regardless of age, it is comforting to know that you still have many options in front of you.

Even if your body is still capable of getting pregnant, it may be more difficult for you to become pregnant after a certain age. If you have been trying for more than six months to get pregnant, you should see your doctor in order to determine if there are any underlying medical issues that are preventing you from becoming pregnant.

More than likely your doctor will have a few suggestions on the best way to get pregnant. While the most popular way to start fertility treatments is by using a drug called Clomid, your doctor may suggest something entirely different.

Even if you find that your body is no longer capable of getting pregnant, there are still opportunities available for you to have kids. Most of the time, the question of being too old to get pregnant, is not necessarily a question of is it possible, but rather one of are you capable of raising a child.
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