How Much Does Having a Baby Cost?

How Much Does Having a Baby Cost?

We all know that having a baby is expensive, and raising one is even MORE expensive! So, how much does it REALLY cost to give birth? Read on for the inside scoop on just how much that bundle of joy is going to cost you! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Prenatal Care

Let’s start at the very beginning. That over the counter stick that you pee on is going to run you between $5-10, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll take more than one just to make sure! Next step? Prenatal care and doctor’s visits to monitor you throughout your pregnancy.

If you have insurance, you are lucky, and this will be covered. However, if you are insurance-less, you can expect to shell out around $2000-$3000 for average prenatal care. Don’t forget the prenatal vitamins, which will run you around $8 a bottle for the name brands.

Preparing for Baby

Let’s not forget all the fun stuff that you get to buy when you’re pregnant! Car seats, cribs, toys, clothes, strollers, bassinet, swing, bouncer, jumper, baby blankets, hangers, breast pump, bottles, socks, hats, bath stuff, the list literally goes on and on and on.

You can spend as much as you can possibly imagine for these baby must haves, but by shopping smart, buying at sales or consignment stores, the average parent can get away with spending around $500-$700 in supplies for your new baby.

Stuff For Mom

Should we take mom into consideration here? Most moms need to buy a new maternity wardrobe during pregnancy, and some even need new shoes, when their feet grow and swell up! Some unlucky mamas will have swollen feet and legs and might need to buy special socks.

Stretch mark cream is also a must have during pregnancy, and there are tons of little extras that pregnant mamas crave as well. Did you put pickles and ice cream into your budget? The average family spends about $300-$400 just on stuff for mom during her pregnancy.

Hospital Expenses

This is where we find the biggest discrepancy between what parents actually spend and what they expect to spend. Most parents are allotting around $750 for out of pocket expenses that insurance won’t cover at the hospital, but the reality is they are getting hit with bills in the $2000 range. Parents should really be saving more for out of pocket expenses at the hospital, to ensure they have enough to cover the costs.


Diapers, the expense that never ends! (Not for two or so years, anyway!) Even if you cloth diaper, diapers are still a big expense. A giant bulk box of disposable diapers is around $40, and around $10 for the big package of wipes. That will probably last around 3 weeks. Consider you’ll be shelling that out until your baby is at least around 2 and a half, and that is a huge chunk of cash!


Of course, breast milk is best, and it’s free! But if you are using formula, it can be a huge expense as well! A can of formula, depending on the brand is around $15-$20, and sometimes only lasts a couple of days. This can also end up being a huge expense.

These are just some of the most basic expenses for having a baby. Some couples will spend less, and some will spend much more, but this is just a basic guideline. Bottom line? Babies are not cheap!

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