How Long to Get Pregnant After Depo

How Long to Get Pregnant After Depo

It is many people’s dream to have a family and an overall happy family and life. Many feel that by having a successful career, a happy marriage and a beautiful baby then you will be able to have the perfect life. Though now it seems as if there are many ways to go about this process exactly how you want to.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Though if you’ve previously been on chemical birth control such as Depo-Provera and then stopped them because you want to become pregnant, you may not know how long it will take before you will actually get pregnant. Here are some things you should know about how to get pregnant fast after Depo.

It may take time

Many women who have been on Depo shots in the past and stopped because they wanted to start a family, have said that they usually get pregnant within a year of stopping. Though the results may vary, different people have varied reactions and side effects of stopping a birth control regimen that they have been on for a while. It has been said that however long that you were getting the shot may inevitably have something to do with how long it will take you before you become pregnant.

Affects each woman differently

This particular birth control shot affects different women in varied ways. Some of them don’t have a period at all while taking this pill, and others may have a very light one. It all depends upon that particular woman’s body. Though some women have even reported becoming pregnant after just missing one Depo shot. These things work differently from woman to woman.

I know in my case, I had been taking Depo for the better part of 5-6 years and seldom had a cycle at all. So it should have taken upwards of 4-12 months to get pregnant, which of course we had no idea. But we got incredibly lucky and got pregnant after only 1-2 cycles. But for the majority of women, I believe that the opposite is true and it may take longer than you expect.

How long did you take Depo?

It seems as if the longer you’ve been taking the Depo shot, the longer it will take for you to get your period after you’ve stopped. Though most have reported it usually happens for them at around the 18 month mark. Before stopping this shot, always be sure to talk it over with your doctor, as he or she may have a better option for you or another way for you to regulate your cycles faster.

Take heed when taking Depo

Some women have stopped taking this shot for many years and are still unable to become pregnant. This mainly depends upon how this shot affects you and your body. But before beginning take the shots, you should always discuss all of the possible side effects with your OBGYN or general doctor, especially if you plan to become a mom in the not too distance future. It is not something they tell you when you are young and wanted to prevent unwanted pregnancies, that it may mess up your fertility in the long run. So look at your options, and make a wise choice.

Side effects

These shots can have varied side effects on different women, as it is always best to see how it will affect you. If you are unable to become pregnant after you’ve stopped the Depo shot, then you will need to speak with your doctor. There are many other options readily available for you to help you be able to conceive a beautiful baby like taking various fertility supplements to help kickstart your reproductive system, regulate your hormones and cycles, to get you back on track.

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