How Many Days Do Sperm Live?

How Many Days Do Sperm Live?

Sperm Life Span

The amount of time that sperm can live depends on the circumstances. The most important factor in the amount of time that sperm can live is where the sperm are located. If we are talking about bedding, fabric, carpet, or another surface like that, sperm are usually dead by the time the sperm have dried. In wet environments like hot tubs, baths, pools, a woman’s body, etc, sperm can usually live longer, since those wet, warm environments are the ones that they thrive in. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

What About Inside A Woman’s Body?

Inside a woman’s body, sperm can live much longer than they can outside of the body. That is because a woman’s body is just the right environment for sperm! Inside the cervix, fallopian tubes, and uterus, sperm can live for up to as long as five days.

However, most sperm will die within one or two days even if they are inside of the uterus. Sperm that are inside the vagina will usually die within a few hours. Only the healthiest of the sperm will be the ones that live for the longer amounts of time.

When To Have Sex

Since sperm can live in a woman’s body for up to five days, and the egg can only live for 12-24 hours, it makes sense to have the sperm “ready and waiting” when the egg is released, if a couple is trying to get pregnant. This is why it is recommended that couples have sex on the days leading up to ovulation and also on the day of ovulation so that there is the best chance of the sperm and the egg meeting up at the best time. As long as the sperm and egg meet up at the same time, a pregnancy could possibly occur.

Just One Sperm

Only one sperm is needed to achieve a pregnancy. For each sperm that reaches the egg, there are literally millions of sperm that don’t. Every time a man ejaculates, he releases approximately 100 million sperm. It takes all of these sperm, to let one little sperm make it’s way through. The trip to the egg is a difficult one for the sperm, a long trip that is hard for the sperm to survive. Most of them will die during the trip, so that is the reason there are so many sperm. It’s nature’s way of ensuring that only the healthiest sperm and most fit sperm are the ones to reach the egg, giving a couple nature’s very best chance at a healthy baby.

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