How Easy Is it to Get Pregnant?

How Easy Is it to Get Pregnant?

Many couples all over the world, want to inevitably start a family together. And they preferably want to do it while they are still young. By having babies when the woman is still young, it means the egg will be younger and she will have a better chance of handling all the body stresses that comes along with being pregnant. Though in recent year, women of many ages (up to 50) have been in the news for getting pregnant! So age is not quite as firm a barrier as it used to be. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

It all depends upon the particular woman’s body and willingness to do so. But some of these young couples simply want it to happen fast and easy. A woman in her 20’s has a 25% chance of conceiving any given month. Once she reaches 40, that percentage has declined to just 5% per month. Since fast and easy isn’t always the case, here are a few tips and tricks to remember. These tips will make it easier for the couple to get pregnant and ensure the chances of it happening faster as well.

Sex, sex and more sex

It is easy for a couple to get pregnant if a couple is having sex at least 3 times a week. By having sex at least three times a week, then the couple is ensuring themselves a greater chance of becoming pregnant. Sometimes females may be ovulating when they think they aren’t, and that can become very tricky. So the more sex a couple has the easier for them to get pregnant it will be. They will not be missing any opportunities for fertilization.

Pre-conception checkup

Another way to ensure that a couple will get pregnant easily is to always visit a doctor. When the female visits her OBGYN or even her general doctor she will receive a checkup. The checkup will reassure her that she doesn’t have any untreated infections or other ailments that may hinder the process of becoming pregnant. And a visit with the doctor will also ensure that the female is in overall good health to bear a child in the first place.

Prenatal vitamins

After visiting the doctor, she will be encouraged to start a prenatal vitamin regimen. These vitamins are good for women who are trying to become pregnant and they can continue to take them while they are pregnant as well. They provide all the vitamins and minerals she needs to create a healthy environment for the soon-to-be conceived baby.

Listen to the no-no’s

If you are a women who likes to drink regularly and smoke cigarettes then you should definitely stop now. Partaking in these activities can damage your health and affect your overall fertility as well. Not only are these things damaging to you but they are damaging to your unborn child as well. So stop smoking and drinking before you become pregnant, as it will be better for both you and the baby. And cutting back or stopping cold turkey could actually increase your chances of getting pregnant significantly.

Missionary is best

Sex positions can greatly impact how easy it is for a couple to get pregnant. Missionary is the best position if you are trying to get pregnant easy. The man is on top and the sperm is able to enter the vagina and stay there for a longer time.

And also remember to not stand up directly after sex, and just lay there for a while and let the sperm stay so it can have a greater chance for fertilization. No rushing to the bathroom or rushing to put your clothes back into place, if spontaneously having a little worktime quickie… now would be the time for taking your time and lounging in post-coital bliss.

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