How Does it Feel During a C-Section?

How Does it Feel During a C-Section?

C-sections are scary, no matter if you are planning to have one, or if it happens unexpectedly. Some experts estimate that up to thirty percent of American babies today are born via c-section, so that is a lot of mommies who are having to endure the scariness of a Cesarean. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

One of the biggest things that a mom to be has to worry about is what exactly a c-section entails and the biggest question of all, what does it feel like? If you want to be informed about what exactly to expect during a c-section read on for the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

The Good

The best thing to remember about a c-section: it won’t hurt! Seriously! I know, I know, hard to believe, but most women say that they feel no pain during a c-section. The sensation is often described as a “tugging,” a “pulling,” or “kneading” feeling (yes, as in bread!).

You will probably feel a lot of pressure, and will notice a dramatic decrease in the amount of pressure once your baby is out. Some women even report having to ask the doctor when the baby is out, because they can’t even tell! Most women are still awake and aware, and lucid enough to enjoy their baby’s birth, even though they might be a little bit “out of it” during the surgery.

The Bad

Of course, c-sections aren’t perfect and wonderful, sunshine and rainbows. But, neither are vaginal deliveries. Most women say that one of the worst things about c-sections are the feelings right after. Some women feel nauseous, and some report bad headaches immediately after their surgery.

However, for many women, the pain is reasonable, and manageable. Most women say that the very worst part of a c-section is the part immediately afterwards, when the doctors and/or nurses have to push and press on your stomach to help your uterus go back to size. This happens several times a day, and can be very painful.

The Ugly

C-sections don’t come without any negatives, however. One of the biggest negatives with a c-section is that you are not supposed to drive for six weeks or so. You are also not supposed to climb stairs very much, or lift anything heavy.

Of course, a c-section also means a scar, although the scar is not very big or noticeable with today’s technology. Of course, not every c-section is perfect, and some women do have bad experiences. Some women claim that their pain medicine didn’t take effect right away and that they felt sharp pains during their c-section.

Most women agree though, that c-sections that occur after a long labor are often worse than planned c-sections, and, as expected, emergency c-sections are even more uncomfortable. However, all moms agree, once you meet your new little one, any pain is totally worth it!

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