How Does Geritol Help You Get Pregnant?

How Does Geritol Help You Get Pregnant?

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When it comes to getting pregnant, women who want to have a baby have been known to go to great lengths to make it happen. If someone told you standing on your head for 10 minutes before intercourse would ensure you’d get pregnant, you just might do it! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Many women decide to do whatever it takes to get pregnant, and that can include some pretty out of the box ideas. And there are no shortage of crazy out of the box ideas when it comes to getting pregnant.

Just check any Pinterest board, message board, or Facebook moms group, and you will definitely see a whole plethora of crazy getting pregnant ideas. Today we are going to explore one of those crazy ideas, and that is the thought that Geritol can actually help women to get pregnant. Is this true? Let’s find out.

What Is Geritol?

You might have heard of Geritol before. It’s the brand name of complex multivitamin supplements that contain added iron. Geritol is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline and comes in either a pill form or a liquid tonic. Many women trying to get pregnant swear by Geritol, and in fact, there used to be a grass roots slogan for Geritol:

Geritol by GlaxoSmithKline

          “There’s a baby in every bottle!”

The Geritol brand sells many different types and varieties of multivitamins, for all different sorts of needs and all different sorts of customers. For example, Geritol has different products specifically for women, some just for men, some designed for increased iron levels, some made just for baby boomers, and even some vitamins that are designed just for vegetarians.

However, there is really nothing “special” about Geritol that makes it any different than other multivitamin brands. However, there has been some speculation that Geritol is actually helpful for women who want to get pregnant. Let’s explore that rumor, and see if there is any truth to it.

But, is there really any truth to the rumors? Read on to find out. It turns out, many women think that Geritol is a great fertility booster and one of the best ‘fertility pills’, but some experts say that it might not be as great as everyone says. Here’s the scoop!

Some Say Yes

Geritol is pretty much just a regular multivitamin, that sometimes comes with added iron, depending on which one you purchase. Some people say that because of that added iron that is in some of Geritol’s products, women are more likely to get pregnant when they use this product.

Many women say that yes, Geritol is a great fertility booster and can really help you to get pregnant. There was even a study published back in 2006 that was conducted by Harvard Medical School, that showed that women who used iron supplements regularly had a decreased risk of ovulatory infertility. Ovulation disorders are the number one key fertility issue. So perhaps there is something to the increased iron.

Despite what science says, women swear by Geritol as their prenatal vitamin of choice when trying to get pregnant. Success stories abound around the Web, despite experts agreeing Geritol alone won’t get your pregnant, but it is a step in the right direction as far as a prenatal vitamin of choice goes.

Taking Geritol in combination with a fertility blend is a winning combo. Geritol with ConceiveEasy will give you an over-the-top chance of getting pregnant quickly. Geritol, with its extra iron, and ConceiveEasy, with its combination of fertility herbs and minerals, could be just the punch needed for a positive pregnancy test knock-out.

While there are many women who swear Geritol helped them get pregnant, there are even more who say that Geritol helped them after they got pregnant! Geritol is a great vitamin, and all doctors recommend a good prenatal vitamin that contains plenty of iron, along with diet and exercise for a healthy pregnancy. Geritol is also all natural, which makes it a great choice for many women.

Some Say No

There are many experts that agree that while Geritol is a healthy multivitamin, it isn’t anything super special to help women conceive. Even the manufacturers of Geritol say that there is no truth to the rumors that it can help women conceive! Here’s their official statement:

          “There is no evidence that Geritol can increase fertility and we don’t make that claim. We’re not sure how the rumor started, but there’s no truth to it.” Wow.

Maybe Geritol is just a multivitamin and nothing more. In fact, many regular over the counter and prescription vitamins contain higher amounts of iron than Geritol does, so they might even be a better choice. If you have questions about using Geritol in order to help you conceive, ask your doctor. He or she might be able to offer up some better advice, and give you recommendations for something that might work better for your particular situation.

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But it’s difficult to ignore all the successful testimonies that abound with women getting pregnant after taking Geritol. Since it’s just a multivitamin, it can’t hurt – so why not give it a try?

What Else Can Geritol Help With?

Now, don’t get us wrong, Geritol is a great line of multivitamins, and doctors do recommend that women take a daily multivitamin or a daily prenatal vitamin before getting pregnant, or before even trying to conceive.

This way, a woman can make sure that she is getting the proper and appropriate daily nutrition while she is trying to conceive. This goes a long way during the trying to conceive process, and makes it possible for women to take control of their health before they do get pregnant. Most of us don’t eat properly, and might not be getting all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we need in our every day life. This is where a multivitamin for prenatal vitamin can come in handy.

Getting the proper nutrition with a prenatal or multivitamin is really important, since this sets the foundation for being able to conceive properly.

          This is especially true for women who don’t eat properly, or get the adequate vitamins and minerals from food sources, which, let’s face it, is all of us!

Another great aspect of taking a prenatal vitamin or a multivitamin before getting pregnant is because, if a woman does happen to get pregnant while taking vitamins, her baby will already be protected from birth defects and other neural tube defects like spina bifida and more.

These issues usually occur very early on in a pregnancy, before a woman even knows she is pregnant, so she may not be taking vitamins just yet. This is one of the reasons that going ahead and taking those vitamins can be very helpful.

What This Means

As you can see, it isn’t exactly Geritol that is the “big secret” to getting pregnant. It’s more just the vitamins in general that are making things better for trying to conceive. When those nutritional gaps get bridged, the body begins to get healthier. Any nutrition related health issues can start to be fixed, and this can in turn, make it easier for a woman to get pregnant.

Once you begin to get your body where it needs to be, things will start to come more easily and more naturally. If you are not ovulating properly, good eating and nutrition will in some cases turn that around.

As you can see, it is not actually the Geritol alone that is responsible for helping women get pregnant, but more likely the vitamins, with added iron, helping women’s bodies to get back in a good condition for getting pregnant. Combine that with a fertility blend like ConceiveEasy, and you have the best of both worlds.

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What Can Help You Get Pregnant?

Tracking Ovulation
If you were hoping that Geritol was going to be your special trick to getting pregnant, don’t be discouraged. There are other ways to improve your chances of getting pregnant that don’t involve some kind of secret ingredient or secret trick.

          Well, maybe one or two important tricks of the trade when it comes to getting pregnant!

The first and most important thing that you need to do when you are trying to conceive is learn how to track your ovulation. What many women do not know or understand is that there are only a few short days during each month that a woman can actually get pregnant.

When the egg is released, it only lives for around 24 hours before it begins to die off.  This is literally the only time during the month when a woman can get pregnant. As you can imagine, trying to time sex correctly for that tiny small window of time can be very difficult. This is where the beauty of ovulation tracking comes in.

Tracking ovulation means exactly what it sounds like. Using tools to help a woman know when she is ovulating, or fertile, can go a long long way towards improving her overall fertility and helping her to get pregnant.

By pinpointing exactly when a woman’s fertile days are, the chances of getting pregnant automatically increase because a couple can plan sex accordingly. Actually, once a couple knows when a woman’s fertile days are, they can even try to “beat the system,” by having sex a few days before ovulation.

This can be helpful because a man’s sperm can actually live in the body for up to 72 hours, meaning that it has a much longer life span than a woman’s egg does. This means that by having sex a few days before ovulation, the sperm can actually be ready for the egg to be released, which is a great “trick” to improving the chances of conception actually happening.

Using Ovulation Predictor Tests To Track Ovulation
The ways to track a woman’s ovulation are many. The first, and probably easiest way, to track ovulation is by using an over the counter ovulation predictor kit. These kits come with individual ovulation predictor tests, which are very similar in use to home pregnancy tests.

ovulation tests to track cycle

          If you try ConceiveEasy with Geritol, you will also get the entire TTC Kit to try, which includes 20 ovulation or pregnancy tests for free.

The tests are on strips, which use a woman’s urine to indicate if she is nearing her ovulation day. The tests look for the amount of LH (luteinzing hormone) in a woman’s body. Once the levels of LH “surge,” or get very high for a short period of time, it usually indicates that ovulation should be occurring within 24 hours.

These tests are easy to use, as they come with a test line and a control line. The control line will consistently be a certain shade, and the test line will vary in darkness depending on how close a woman is to her ovulation day. When the test line is as dark (or darker) than the control line, it usually indicates that a woman will ovulate within 24 hours.

          Double dark line = Time for sex!

Fertility Apps to Track Ovulation
There are several other ways to track ovulation as well. Women can actually use multiple methods of tracking ovulation in order to get the most accurate results when it comes to knowing when their fertile days are. For example, there are also a ton of smartphone apps out there that can help women to know when they might be ovulating.

These apps rely on information that a woman enters herself, so they are best used in conjunction with other methods instead of being the main method that is used, just in case she might forget to enter information at some point. The hands down easiest method is ovulation predictor kits – use those in conjunction with one of these other methods!

Cervical Mucus and Position to Track Ovulation
Other great ways to track ovulation include paying attention to bodily cues. The body can give us some great information when it comes to ovulation, and women who learn how to do things such as noting their cervical mucus and cervical position will be one step ahead of the game.

ways to improve cervical mucus

Basal Body Temperature to Track Ovulation
Another great thing that women can do to track their ovulation is to learn how to chart their basal body temperature. Basal body temperature is the temperature of the body at rest, and can be tracked using a special thermometer (also included for free in the ConceiveEasy TTC Kit).

By taking the temperature every single day and charting it on a special graph, women will soon be able to notice a pattern and can see when their temperature spike is likely to occur, giving them a better idea of when their fertile window will be. Using these methods of tracking ovulation, or a combination of these methods, can be a great thing for women who are trying to conceive.

Improving Lifestyle Choices To Help Get Pregnant
By this point, we already know that we should be tracking our ovulation and taking a daily prenatal or multivitamin in order to give the best chances of getting pregnant.

          So, what else can women be doing to improve their chances of getting pregnant?

First of all, if there are any negative habits that a woman has, she should definitely try to stop those before trying to conceive. This can include anything from illegal drug use, to smoking, excessive drinking, or even eating too much fast food.

Women who have stressful lives whether it be at work or home should work on getting their stress levels under control before they try to conceive. Honestly, anything that a woman is doing that is negative in her life, should be taken care of or handled before trying to conceive.

Bad lifestyle choices and negative habits can really wreak havoc on a couple who are trying to conceive, and it’s not just the woman. Men who are having the same issues should really try to get things under control before they try to make a baby with their partner as well.

what to avoid when trying to conceive

Diet and Exercise To Conceive
One aspect of trying to conceive that is often overlooked includes diet and exercise. Women who are wanting to get pregnant can not simply rely on a prenatal vitamin as their only form of nutrition while they are still eating junk and not taking care of their bodies.

          Usually, a complete diet overhaul is in order!

Cutting out processed foods, fast food, sugary snacks and sweets, and junk foods is usually a good first step, although it can be very difficult. Adding in organic fruits and veggies, along with lean meats and protein, and whole grains, can be a great next step. When it comes to dairy products, however, experts say to opt for full fat versions, since low fat versions have sometimes been linked to fertility problems.

Making sure to get adequate exercise is also important for trying to conceive, as it can not only help with weight loss, but stress relief and mental clarity as well.

These are just a few things that you can do to improve your chances of trying to conceive if you are looking for a way to get pregnant easily.

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