How Does a Doula Help With Childbirth?

How Does a Doula Help With Childbirth

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The word doula is derived from a Greek word, which translates to Women’s Servant. A doula is a professional who knows everything about childbirth. The services offered by a doula include emotional help, physical help, and informational help so that pregnancy and childbirth are easier for the mother. The doula will help ensure a safe delivery and will also help you after your delivery if required. She is your advocate, in every possible situation. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Doula services

The doula offers numerous different services and they are usually tailored according to the needs of the woman in question. Each childbirth is different and a doula understands that. The doula will be there for you right from when you need her through the end and even afterward until you need her support and experience.

Doulas are trained to handle various situations and circumstances. The way they deal with you will depend on your particular situation. For example, if you are expecting for the first time, the doula’s approach will be different and if you already have a kid or two, the doula’s approach will change accordingly. The services provided also depend on the stage you are at. There are mainly three stages: pregnancy, labor, and post-delivery.

Pregnancy or before childbirth

You can choose the services of a doula a few months before your due date. Initially, the doula will meet you once or two in person and you can discuss all your fears, problems, and concerns about pregnancy with her. She will provide you help and support you so that you are no longer scared about delivery.

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You can be in constant touch with the doula over the phone. She will literally be at your beck and call to assist you when needed. Though doulas don’t provide medical aid, they are aware of the medical requirements during pregnancy and labor and will guide you accordingly. You can talk to your doula about various procedures during pregnancy and delivery and also learn about the complications that may arise in order to be prepared.


Labor can be a very difficult time for the mother and she needs special care, support, and attention during this time. The doula will be able to provide all that and more. The doula will comfort you and offer suggestions such as relaxing, breathing, moving, and staying in the right position to ease the discomfort related to labor.

The doula also encourages the father to come forward and support his partner. The doula will ensure that the couple is not afraid and is ready to face the delivery. Reassurance and continuous support are required at this time for both the parents and the doula will provide that. She will be there with you until the end, no matter how long your labor lasts for.

After Childbirth

Being a mom, especially for the first time, can be intimidating. Not knowing what to do when can worry mothers like nothing else. During this time, the doula will help you settle down and nurture your baby. There are also doulas that specifically excel in postnatal services. You can, thus, hire a postnatal doula based on your preferences. The services offered by a postnatal doula will also differ based on your requirements and wishes. The doula will essentially provide you with practical and moral support along with helping you with your daily chores and breastfeeding your newborn.

In short, a doula will give you the much-needed support during this magical yet daunting period of time.

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