How do I Get Pregnant with Soft Cups?

How do I Get Pregnant with Soft Cups?

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Soft Cups

One great and little known method to help women who are trying to conceive is the use of Soft Cups after intercourse. Soft cups are a relatively new line of devices that were designed as an alternative to tampons and pads for women to use during sexual intercourse. They are inserted into the vagina like tampons and the soft cup collects the menstruation blood.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Soft cups as conception aid

However, many women are now using soft cups as a conception aid. Once you have timed your ovulation correctly, you can use the soft cup as you normally would, except that you insert them after sex so that the sperm stay in place and does not “leak” out after intercourse. The soft cups website says that you can actually leave them in for up to 12 hours after sex before discarding them, but that is probably not necessary.

How it works

Lying down for around 15-30 minutes after sex with a soft cup inserted is probably all that you need to help you get pregnant. While there has been no scientific evidence to suggest that soft cups really do work to increase the chances of getting pregnant, many women believe that soft cups are what worked best for them when they were trying to conceive.

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