How Do I Get Pregnant if My Tubes are Burned?

How Do I Get Pregnant if My Tubes are Burned?

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While this is typically considered a permanent form of birth control, it is possible to become pregnant after having your tubes burned. The procedure is when the fallopian tubes are tied together, cut off and burned at the end. Having the tubal ligation reversal procedure is a major surgery, much in the same way that a C-section is a major surgery. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Having the procedure reversed

If you are looking to have the procedure reversed, there are some risks involved with doing so because the surgery is also risky and complicated. In order for the reversal to take place, the fallopian tubes must be reattached so that the egg can flow once again.

The risk of damaging the fallopian tubes

However, it is possible that the Fallopian tubes will become damaged during this process, which could block the egg from its destination. It is also possible that the tubes will no longer be long enough to reattach as well.

Unsuccessful procedure

It is also unlikely that the surgery will repair itself naturally or ‘not take’. It is estimated that only about 1 out of every 100 women have an unsuccessful procedure, but it is possible. Most often, these pregnancies result in a tubal pregnancy and occur 7 to 10 years following the initial surgery.

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