How Did Beyonce Lose 57 Pounds Baby Weight?

Beyonce Reveals How She Lost 57 Pounds of Baby Weight Fast

Quick Weight Loss

Most of us were surprised to learn that during Beyonce’s pregnancy with baby Blue Ivy, she gained a whopping 57 pounds. When she revealed this fact in her interview with Oprah Winfrey, we were all stunned! I mean, Bey looked great throughout her whole pregnancy, and even if she did gain that much weight, we couldn’t tell!  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

That’s because Beyonce didn’t have much time to lose her baby weight! She had to be back in tip top shape to perform just THREE months after giving birth to Blue Ivy! So, what was her secret to getting those pounds off? Read on for what Bey did to get back in shape after giving birth!

Didn’t Know How What to Expect

Beyonce told Oprah that she had no idea she would gain so much weight during her pregnancy, since Blue Ivy was her first baby. She also said that if she had any idea of how much weight she would gain, she would have never agreed to do that show three months after Blue Ivy’s birth! She reveals that losing her baby weight as one of the hardest things that she has ever done, but she was very proud of it!

Lettuce and Treadmills

At that first show, she yelled to the crowd, telling them:

“Y’all have no idea how hard I worked. I had to lose 60 pounds! They had me on that treadmill — I ate lettuce!”

She went on to tell her fans at that show that she planned on getting “chocolate wasted” afterwards! And come on, who could blame her? After losing sixty pounds, we think every woman has a right to get “chocolate wasted”!

Workout Plan

Beyonce says that her diet and exercise plan to lose her pregnancy weight was one of the hardest things she has ever done. She reveals that her workout plan included three ninety minute sessions per week, and that she didn’t stick to just one thing during her workouts. She has said before that she mixed up those workouts with dancing, running, and crunches on an exercise ball.

Breastfeeding for Weight Loss!

She has also revealed that breastfeeding Blue Ivy helped her to lose the “bulk” of her baby weight, although she stopped nursing at ten weeks. She has also credited a bunch of her weight loss to her very strict diet plan, which includes things like egg whites, protein shakes, turkey with capers, green apples, fish, and cucumbers. That’s right: Bey’s secret is hard work and no carbs! She proves that it can be done, although it won’t be easy!

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