How Bad is Alcohol when Trying to Conceive?

How Bad is Alcohol when Trying to Conceive?

Chances are, you probably know how dangerous drinking alcohol is while pregnant, but you may have questions about whether or not drinking is safe while you are trying to conceive. Is it safe at all? Is it safe in moderation? What about for guys? Can alcohol use damage their sperm and hurt your chances of getting pregnant? It can be very confusing, and today, we are going to try to separate fact from fiction. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

How does alcohol affect pregnancy?

You probably already know that alcohol is the most common and most preventable cause of mental and physical birth defects in the United States. More than 50,000 babies are born each year with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, and these issues can cause severe mental and physical problems, and can sometimes even lead to death. But that doesn’t really explain the effects on women who are trying to conceive.

The jury is out

Experts and doctors alike are actually split on this one. Many experts believe that a few drinks every now and then does not affect the ability to conceive, and does not have a negative effect on pregnancy even. Other doctors believe that alcohol can have damaging effects on a woman even before she gets pregnant. The difficult thing to remember is that there has been no distinct evidence done that dictates where the line should be drawn.

There is no cut and dry answer as to how much alcohol is safe when you are trying to conceive, and how much can decrease your fertility. So, how can you know for sure? The truth is, you can’t. The safest route is just to avoid drinking when you are trying to conceive for the best luck.

What about your man?

Experts do seem to agree that excessive drinking can damage male sperm and hurt men’s chances of conceiving. However, it looks like moderation is key for men too, as a few drinks every now and then seems to be safe. There are more studies that need to be done in this area as well, but for now, it looks like as long as you don’t overdo it with drinking, your fertility should not be damaged.

If you have questions about your alcohol consumption, and whether or not it is dangerous, it is a good idea to check in with your doctor and find out what he or she recommends for your particular case. Of course, when it comes to alcohol, none is best when trying to conceive, but if you can’t go with none, go with a little bit!

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