How Age Affects Fertility

How Age Affects Fertility

As you may already know, your age and health directly affect your fertility. How so and how much does it impact? We will discuss that here. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Effect of age on fertility

Did you know that the female body typically begins to be fertile during the teenage years following puberty and the start of the menstrual period and ovulation? It is true; most females between the ages of 14 and 16 are more fertile than those females in their late 40’s to 50’s.

Actually up until the age of 31 your ovaries should still contain up to 48.7 viable eggs. At age 31 it is said that the egg count drops to 43.4. Between the ages of 35 and 37 the eggs you have remaining are estimated to be an average of 35. After age 38 the estimated count is 29, before taking a drastic drop at age 40 dropping as low as 10.2.

Egg quality as you age

Women are born with all the eggs in their ovaries that they will need in their life time. As time progresses these eggs begin to change, some becoming deformed and not viable any longer. Therefore, the older you are the less viable eggs you have, thus opening up the door to infertility, miscarriage, or birth deformities.

Egg quantity at 20

In your twenties your body is more open to pregnancy due to the large number of eggs that are available for fertilization. Your chances of miscarriage or birth deformities are much lower than someone in their fifties. Once you hit 26 it is said that your fertility begins to decrease, not drastically enough to halt fertilization however. During your twenties, if you have tried to conceive for more than twelve months please speak with your doctor about running tests to see what the problem could be.

Egg quantity at 30

Once you hit your thirties it is believed that you only have somewhere between 29 and 43.4 remaining eggs in your ovaries. This gives a glimmer of hope that you may become pregnant during this time. While it is not guaranteed, it is possible.

However, due to the possibility of egg deformities your risk of miscarriage, birth deformities and infertility are higher. If you are in your thirties and have tried for longer than nine to twelve months, speak with your doctor about your options.

Fertility after 40

Forties is a touchy subject for most women, we do not wish to admit that is where we are in life and dread that fifty is shortly ahead. It is even worse for those that have waited this long to conceive children. You begin to regret your decisions and are harder on yourself for that.

The extra stress you put on yourself does not help with the already low egg count and problems you are having. Speak with your doctor if you have tried for longer than six months without any luck. At this point you have about 10.2 eggs or less left.

That does not mean they are all viable eggs. It just means there is a chance of conception. At this point your risk of miscarriage and birth deformities is nearly doubled that of a twenty year old. Speak with your doctor before trying to conceive in this stage.

As you can see, your age directly affects your fertility by decreasing viable egg count in your ovaries. Please speak with your doctor prior to trying to conceive and discuss what might be right for you.

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