Hostile Cervical Mucus: Definition, Causes & Treatment

on Jan 20, 2013

by Dr. Christine Lee, MD

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Hostile Cervical Mucus - What is it? Causes?

When a woman's cervical mucus is hostile, that means it is too thick to allow the sperm to penetrate the cervix.

What is Cervical Mucus?

If you are trying to conceive, chances are you already know a little bit about cervical mucus. Cervical mucus is the natural jelly-like substance that a woman’s body produces. Cervical mucus has a very important job when it comes to conception. Cervical mucus protects the sperm from the naturally acidic environment of the vagina and helps the sperm to get safely to the egg. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

What is hostile cervical mucus?

Cervical mucus is supposed to protect the sperm on their journey and help to keep them safe. The best cervical mucus for protecting sperm is known as “egg white cervical mucus”. This cervical mucus is clear, stretchy, and has the consistency of egg whites. Sometimes however, cervical mucus turns “hostile”, and actually hurts the sperm instead of protecting it. When a woman’s cervical mucus is hostile, that means it is too thick to allow the sperm to penetrate the cervix, and the cervical mucus is actually doing more harm than good.

What causes hostile cervical mucus?

There are several different causes of hostile cervical mucus. One of the most common causes of hostile cervical mucus is a poor diet. When a woman doesn’t get enough water, or consumes too much dairy, her cervical mucus can quickly become hostile. Another reason for hostile cervical mucus can be medications. One of the most common fertility drugs, Clomid, can be responsible for creating hostile cervical mucus in many women. Other common over the counter drugs, such as antihistamines can also create hostile cervical mucus.

How to treat hostile cervical mucus

Sometimes, simply changing your diet or increasing your water intake can help to improve your cervical mucus. However, this is not always enough. Sometimes a woman might need to stop taking a certain medication, such as antihistamines, to improve cervical mucus. Sometimes, a woman might be able to improve cervical mucus by actually taking a medication. Some women find that taking the over the counter cough medication Robitussin can really improve cervical mucus. This is because the active ingredient in Robitussin, Guafenesin, is known to thin all mucus, cervical mucus included. Some women also find that taking natural or herbal supplements can help to thin their cervical mucus. One of the most common herbal supplements known to thin cervical mucus is Evening Primrose Oil.

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Hostile Cervical Mucus: Definition, Causes & Treatment, 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

Dr. Christine Lee earned her Ph.D. in Developmental Biology and Master of Science in Biomolecular Organization. Dr. Lee is Lab Director for ConceiveEasy and is board certified as a High Complexity Laboratory Director (HCLD).

  • Amaya

    How do I get a bottle I really want a baby been trying for 4 years no lick

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  • guest

    I started checking for EWCM from past couple cycles and I notice I don’t get any EWCM, I get cm but its either whitish lil watery or white creamy, never get EWCM, I check on ovulation calendars and tried having intercourse on days it says I should be most fertile and never conceived…I wanted to know if there could be something wrong why I don’t get the EWCM, if that the reason for not conceiving, also I just turn 36 and have uterine fibroid, but my gyn told me I should try to get pregnant.

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  • j.lp

    If yoi are not getting any ewcm it could he because you are not ovulating at all. The ewcm is only present when you are about to ovulate

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  • Gil.7

    Not entirely true. I’m currently not ovulating, meaning I have anovulatory cycles. And because I have estrogen dominance I do get ewcm but I don’t ovulate. So it is possible to have ewcm and not even ovulate same the other way around. You can ovulate and have hostile cm. Which is the thick one. For that there is a special lubricant that doesn’t harm sperm its called pre-seed. You can find it on your local pharmacy.

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  • Brittany Ravenell

    So im on Clomid and been on it for 2 months and i never conceived before. my doctor had me do the procedure HSG and everything came back okay. then she set me up on clomid for 50 mgs for 2 months this month i start the 100 mg. some reason why i just think i may gave Hostile Cervical mucus. and the one reason why that caught my concern was your body can create harmful mucus if your on clomid. what are a couple of things i can do that will prevent me from having harmful cervical mucus while im on my cycles of clomid. do you think that the preseed lube will be a good idea?

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  • JA

    Please help I have stretchy egg white CM but when I put it on the PH strip it’s high acidic 4.5 … My urine and saliva are perfect PH at 7.4… I drink lemon water and eat grapefruit, eat raw garlic… What can I do?

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