Holly Madison’s Fiance May Be Facing 13 Years in Prison

Holly Madison's Fiance May Be Facing 13 Years in Prison

Wedding Bells or Prison Blues?

Well, Miss Holly Madison has a beautiful new baby daughter, Rainbow. She’s also planning a wedding that is set to take place on August 14, to her fiance, wedding planner Pasquale Rotella. However, it looks like there might be a little snag in Holly’s wedding plans, and that’s the fact that her fiance might be facing thirteen years in prison. Radar Online is reporting that Rotella is facing the jail time, due to charges or conspiracy, embezzlement, and bribery. In fact, the day after Holly announced her wedding date, her fiance had to attend a pretrial conference. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The Charges

The Los Angeles county District Attorney alleges that Rotella used funds in excess of $2.5 million dollars from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to pay off city officials so that he could host rave parties in the Coliseum. It was a few weeks ago when Rotella was indicted, along with five other men. It didn’t take him long to post the $1.8 million in bail, and he’s due back in court on July 29. If he is convicted, he could serve close to 14 years in prison. But, the question is, will he really be facing that much jail time?

Not Worried

However, it doesn’t seem like either Holly Madison or her fiance are worried about the potential charges. Rotella’s lawyer, Gary Jay Kaufman, said that Rotella will be found innocent, and that all of the charges are “politically motivated and publicity driven.” Kaufman went on to say that “[Rotella] has always acted lawfully and appropriately with respect to all of his dealings with the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum,” Kaufman said via Radar. “Any allegations of wrongdoing on the part of Mr. Rotella by the District Attorney’s office are completely baseless and flat-out wrong, both on the law and on the facts.”

How’s Holly?

It seems like Holly isn’t too worried about the charges. She’s going about her business as usual, hanging out with three month old baby girl Rainbow, and blogging about things like baby socks. It’s obvious that Holly doesn’t think that anything bad is going to happen, since she recently told People Magazine that she plans on having a “Kardashian Sized” family with Rotella. We wish this family the best of luck and hope that everything goes well with them in the future, and that they are able to raise their daughter together in peace and harmony.

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