Will I Have a High Risk Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy and giving birth are natural and normal processes. A full-term pregnancy results in labor and the woman delivers a healthy baby. She is discharged from the hospital after a couple of days and she is all set to start a whole new life with her little one. However, not all cases are such a smooth trail. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

There may be numerous complications in pregnancies and such pregnancies are referred to as high-risk pregnancies. If there are chances of complications arising during the pregnancy that could affect the soon-to-be mother, the unborn child, or both, the pregnancy is stated as a high-risk pregnancy. However, there are ways to manage such pregnancies so that none of the risks materialize and so that both the mother and the child are safe.


This is among the most common factors. If the age of the pregnant woman is less than 17 or more than 35, the risks of complications and problems are higher especially when compared to women who are in their twenties or in their early thirties. If the age is above forty, then risks of genetic defects and miscarriages are very high.

Medical conditions prior to pregnancy

Sexually transmitted diseases, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart problems, kidney problems, breathing problems such as asthma, and high blood pressure can all cause complications during pregnancy. Also, if you have already had a miscarriage or if there are genetic disorders in your family, you are more likely to have a high-risk pregnancy.

Hence, if you have any medical conditions, you should talk to your doctor even before trying to get pregnant. Based on your condition, the doctor will carry out a few tests and give you the advice to follow so that you and your baby are healthy.

Medical conditions during pregnancy

You may suffer from many different problems even during your pregnancy that may be fatal to you and your baby. Gestational diabetes and preeclampsia are among the common problems related to pregnancy. You can still have healthy babies if you take good care and follow the doctor’s advice.

Pregnancy-related problems

Even if you are in great health and have no problems whatsoever, you may have a high-risk pregnancy because of issues related to your pregnancy. These include premature labor, multiple births, placenta previa, and fetal problems.

Premature labor

Labor is termed as ‘premature’ if it begins prior to the 37th week. You can’t determine beforehand whether a woman will experience premature labor and premature birth but there are certain factors that increase these risks such as previous premature birth, shortened cervix, and a few infections.

Placenta previa

In this condition, the cervix is covered by the placenta and this causes bleeding especially at the time of contractions. A cesarean section may be needed if the condition prevails when it is time for delivery so that the bleeding risks are alleviated.

Multiple Births

If you are carrying twins or triplets, etc. as a result of infertility treatments, then you are at a huge risk of developing gestational diabetes, high blood pressure that is induced due to pregnancy, and premature birth.

Fetal problems

These can be detected by ultrasound at times. These are usually unexpected but there are times when a history of fetal problems in the family plays a role.

High-risk pregnancies can end up in successful and healthy deliveries if you take good care of yourself and follow the guidelines provided by the doctor. It is important to be calm and relaxed because stressing about it can make matters worse for you and your baby.

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