How Fast Did Kate Middleton Lose Baby Weight?

How Fast Did Kate Middleton Lose Baby Weight?

She’s Just Amazing

As if we needed another reason to be jealous of The Duchess Of Cambridge! Less than two months after welcoming Prince George into the world, you can’t even tell that Kate Middleton was ever pregnant!

She’s been spotted out and about a few times since Prince George was born on July 22, and the tiny bit of weight she gained while pregnant is nowhere to be found on her thin frame! Kate recently stepped out, appearing at her first “official” event since baby George was born, and she looked fabulous! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Gorgeous and Glowing

There is no denying that motherhood suits Kate! She appeared with her hubby Prince William on September 12 at the Tusk Conservation Awards at the Royal Society in London, and it was obvious that the Duchess of Cambridge stole the show. Kate chose a beautiful drop-waist, floor-length, pale gold sequin gown by her favorite designer, Jenny Packham.

How much did that gorgeous dress that the Duchess was wearing cost? Wait for it… Only $240 in US currency! We love that Kate’s fashion style has always been affordable and fabulous at the same time! The new mom looked absolutely radiant and you could see her just glowing!

Melted Right Off

Friends of the royal couple tell the tabloids that Little Miss Kate has done “hardly anything” to lose the little bit of baby weight that she had gained, besides continuing her daily yoga. Family insiders tell us that Kate is still breastfeeding baby George, and that all of her weight just melted right off.

Okay, we’re officially jealous! (Like we weren’t before!) People close to the Duchess do tell us that she has been spending lots of time outdoors, walking and enjoying the nice weather, so we’re sure she’s been keeping active during that time too! Kudos to Miss Kate for putting most of us to shame in the baby weight losing game!

Girl Next Door

Kate, as always looks great, but not in that “ugh she is so skinny we hate her” kind of way. As always, Kate Middleton is the girl next door who just so happened to marry a gorgeous Prince, now lives in a palace, and gave birth to a future Prince.

So, it’s hard to hate her when she’s so down to earth and personable. She looks like someone who could be your (very rich, very beautiful) best friend! Kate, we think you look great, even if you make all of us look awful! Best wishes to the royal couple and new little sweet baby Georgie, who we can’t wait to see more wonderful pictures of!

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