Hernia After Abdominal Surgery

Hernia After Abdominal Surgery

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A hernia is something that occurs when there is a weakness in the muscles of the stomach. This weakness will allow tissues of the stomach to protrude through the weak muscle. It will appear as a bulge that is visible under the skin. It is also possible for it to be tender when the area is touched. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

It is possible that a hernia will appear after an abdominal surgery. The reason for this is because of the weakness that is caused by the incision just before the abdominal surgery. Usually, this type of hernia is pretty small and only the lining of the abdominal cavity will push through.

In some rare cases, however, it is possible for entire organs to push through the hole that was created in the muscle. When a hernia appears after abdominal surgery, it is possible for it to appear and disappear as time progresses. Usually, it will become more prominent when activities are completed that add stress to the stomach region. Some of these activities can be sneezing, lifting something heavy or having a bowel movement.

Routine testing is available to help diagnose a hernia. However, a hernia is usually something that can be diagnosed without further testing. A minor surgery will be needed to correct the issue.

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