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We all know ovulation is the key to getting pregnant. And for those suffering from ovulation disorders, making them ovulate irregularly with irregular cycles or have completely anovulatory cycles, then perhaps fertility herbs should be considered to give yourself a welcome ovulatory boost. But before looking into the world of herbs to increase ovulation, let’s just go over very briefly about ovulation and why it matters so much! Claim Your 20 Free Ovulation Tests – Click Here

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What is ovulation?

Ovulation is when the egg is matured, and then is released into the fallopian tubes to wait for the sperm to fertilize it from the ovaries, and it usually happens during the middle of a woman’s cycle.

The area of the brain called the hypothalamus controls ovulation by stimulating the pituitary glands to release the two main hormones responsible for ovulation which is the luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).

Therefore, when ovulation is about to happen, and during the time it happens is when the woman is the most fertile in her cycle which is about 2 to 3 days before and during ovulation. That said, that is the only time when pregnancy would occur if intercourse happened during the time of ovulation.

Yes you can only get pregnant when you are ovulating once per cycle!

The egg released is good for 12-24 hours, so that means the time to have sex is 2 to 3 days before ovulation occurs in order to increase the chances of a pregnancy. If fertilization does not happen, then the egg will disintegrate, and be expelled with the lining of the uterus which was developing as the egg was maturing to support implantation of the embryo when menstruation occurs 14 days later. Be sure you know how to track your ovulation by either using a basal body thermometer to chart your cycles, taking ovulation tests, or tracking your cervical mucus changes.

What if I’m not ovulating?

However, many women are not able to conceive quickly. This could be because they are not either ovulating regularly or at all or maybe their partner has a low sperm count with poor quality. The one way to know is to make sure that the woman is able to regulate ovulation, and before running to the doctor for fertility help (especially if the couple has not been trying for a year yet), there are some excellent and safe herbal remedies to help regulate ovulation.


Firstly, be sure to be at an acceptable weight, which is between 20 to 25 BMI (or at the maximum 30 BMI) to conceive. Then make sure you are cutting alcohol out and limiting red meat, caffeine and sugar consumption which includes refined carbs, as well as trans fats.

That means if you have been going to McDonald’s or Burger King or any other fast food joint every day, then only enjoy it on the weekends.

Consuming too much of that will hurt your chances of ovulating. Be sure to consume fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, poultry and whole dairy fats. Then you can try safe fertility herbs to induce ovulation that can help with ovulation in conjunction with sticking to a fertility friendly diet.

You might already be familiar with herbs and how they can be a great asset to couples who are suffering from infertility. They are inexpensive, natural and safe, and are growing in popularity with people who don’t want to go the route of usual fertility treatments. If you are looking for herbs to increase ovulation as well as to help with ovulation, today we have a few tips for you, and a few herbs you might want to check out.


Vitex is one of the all around best fertility herbs. Vitex is known to increase production of LH in the body, which in turn can stimulate ovulation. After taking it for two to three months, many women see an improvement in ovulation. There are many other fertility benefits that Vitex can offer to women, so if you are going to try a single fertility herb, Vitex is probably one of the best ones to get started with.

Saw palmetto

If you are having trouble ovulating due to PCOS, Saw Palmetto can be a great choice. It can help stimulate suppressed ovulation. Some experts say that Saw Palmetto works best when taken in combination with Vitex. If you have issues from PCOS such as weight gain and acne, this helpful herb can really help you too!

can saw palmetto help boost pregnancy chances?


Ginseng is a common herb that we all know, but did you know it can be used for ovulation help as well? It has been said that ginseng can really help to stimulate the ovaries and help them to produce more estrogen. It has also been said to help balance the reproductive hormones. Ginseng also has many positive effects on other parts of the body as well.

Red Clover

Red Clover has been used for a long time to help regulate ovulation, and the main ingredient in this herb is isoflavones, which has very similar properties like estrogen in humans. This herb helps regulate the hormonal imbalance of estrogen and helps to induce regular ovulation. Therefore, women who take this herb and are ovulating from it will have a higher chance to conceive. Red Clover comes in the form of an herbal tea. It is a great drink to have especially while unwinding after a long and stressful day, which can help reverse the effects of stress (stress of course being another fertility obstacle).

how does red clover help with fertility?

False Unicorn

The False Unicorn herbal remedy also helps regulate ovulation, as it is made with compounds known as steroidal saponins, which help stimulate estrogen production. This herb is also quite helpful in boosting progesterone levels and helping to regulate the luteal phase as well after ovulation. In fact, this herbal remedy has been quite successful in helping women who do not ovulate on a regular basis due to having a condition like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) become fertile. It can be taken in forms of tincture, extract, or tonic.

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Tribulus is a common fertility herbal drug that has been used by the Chinese to treat irregular ovulation or anovulation in women for a long time. This herb stimulates FSH and estrogen and as a result, it helps regulate the menstrual cycle. In fact, Tribulus is great for improving sexual health for men and women. It can be taken in tablets, herbal tea, and extract form.

Tribulus helps regulate ovulation and cycle in women

Dong Quai

Dong Quai is a Chinese herb that has been used in Chinese medicine for a long time to treat infertile women. This herbal remedy has properties to help regulate estrogen levels, as well as blood circulation which will strengthen the uterus. In fact, this is one of the most popular herbal remedies around to help boost female fertility. It can be taken in capsules, root or extract form.


Yarrow is a popular herbal remedy that treats female infertility caused by PCOS, poor ovulation, fibroids, endometriosis, or ovarian cysts by increasing blood flow in the pelvic area. This herb also helps women have lighter periods if they have suffered from having severe PMS and heavy periods. It stimulates the uterus and at the same time, it keeps the flow in check. Yarrow can be taken as a tincture, extract or herbal tea.

yarrow helps regulate blood flow in the pelvic area


Shatavari is a potent herbal remedy which because of its adaptogenic properties, can regulate ovulation in women by regulating hormonal imbalance, It also helps rejuvenate stressed out reproductive organs, and helps create a perfect environment for sperm motility and fetus implantation in the uterus. Shatavari can be consumed by either capsules or tonic and should be taken several months before actively trying to conceive in order for it to be successful.


Flaxseed has been used for a long time to help with female reproductive issues, including ovulation and cycle regulation. It has properties to help regulate hormonal imbalances in the body, as well as stimulating ovulation. Flaxseed can come in the form of seeds, oil, or extract. Therefore, if you are in the mood for a salad, you can sprinkle some flaxseeds onto it. It will make a tasty snack as well!

Flaxseed helps repair female reproductive issues


Maca is a popular herbal remedy that is quite effective in not only inducing ovulation but is great for boosting sexual stamina and energy, which can only help fertility as well. Women who are not ovulating regularly and have irregular cycles would benefit a lot from Maca. This herb comes in forms of extract, root powder, and capsules.


If the world of fertility herbs leaves you feeling a bit overwhelmed and out of your element in the health food store, then you may feel better trying a fertility blend. Fertility blends combine the best fertility herbs as well as vitamins to create a pre-measured capsule or tablet to take, helping you take the guesswork out of your fertility herb journey. One of the most popular fertility blends is ConceiveEasy, which has proven effective at helping to stimulate ovulation in those women with irregular or anovulatory cycles. This is good news if you want to go the natural route as opposed to jumping to fertility drugs like Clomid, gonadotropins, or others.

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Bottom Line

These are a few of the most popular herbs that can increase ovulation as well as aid in fertility. Many people choose herbs as opposed to harsh chemical pills and other invasive treatments. Have you ever used herbs for fertility help? We would love to hear your story!

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