Halle Berry’s Pregnancy: Age and Health Concerns

Halle Berry's Pregnancy: Age and Health Concerns

Surprise Baby!

The world was shocked and pleasantly surprised when Halle Berry announced that she was pregnant with her second child, a son, at age 46. The news probably surprised Halle herself more than anyone! She had put her baby hopes high up on a shelf, and thought that her time for having babies was over!  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

However, Mother Nature had other plans! Now, with her age and health concerns, experts are weighing in on whether or not Halle should be worried about her pregnancy.

Did She Use IVF?

Rumors have been abounding since Halle announced her pregnancy that she used IVF or other fertility drugs for women to get pregnant. While getting pregnant at 46 without the use of assisted reproductive techniques is very unlikely, it’s not impossible.

Research shows that after the age of 40, women only have somewhere around 3 percent of their eggs remaining. The likelihood of a woman getting pregnant after age 40 is only somewhere around 5 percent for each month that she tries to conceive. Usually, doctors recommend that women over age 42 use egg donors, but Halle isn’t saying if that is the route that she took.

Risks of Being An Older Mother

There are some risks involved for women who get pregnant after age 40. Women over age forty are at a greater risk of having high blood pressure while they are pregnant, or also developing gestational diabetes. Older mothers are also more likely to experience preterm labor.

Another risk? Women over 40 have somewhere around a one in eighteen chance of having a baby with Down Syndrome, due to chromosomal abnormalities. Being an older mom can also sometimes put a woman at a higher risk for developing breast cancer.

Risks of Diabetes In Pregnancy

Halle Berry also suffers from Type 2 Diabetes, which can present its own risks during pregnancy. If she doesn’t keep her diabetes under control during her pregnancy, she might have a chance of giving birth to a very large baby. Sometimes diabetes also causes stillbirth or miscarriage, but that is usually only in cases where the mother didn’t take care of herself or monitor her diabetes very closely.

This is not the case with Halle, however. She has been on top of her diabetes for years, and we are sure she is getting great medical care. We don’t think there is anything for her to worry about, and we are excited for her to welcome her new bundle of joy!

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