Halle Berry’s French Fiancé Ready To Break Up

Halle Berry’s French Fiancé Ready To Break Up

Breaking Point?

Well, we can’t say that we are surprised. Looks like Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez are on the rocks, due to the ongoing nasty custody battle between Halle and Gabriel Aubrey. And, really, does anyone blame Oliver for getting a little tired of the baby daddy drama? Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Sources close to the couple have reported that the ongoing and never ending pressure of the fighting with Gabe are becoming too much for the couple, and that things are strained at home. We can’t say that we blame Oliver for becoming tired of the constant fighting, and we think that he has held on a lot longer than many men would have. Could it be that Gabriel Aubrey is finally wearing him down?

No Normalcy

Halle Berry’s daughter Nahla with Gabriel Aubrey is now four years old, and this custody battle has been going on since not long after she was born. Halle has been striving to give Nahla a normal childhood and a normal life in general, despite all the fighting going on around her.

However it doesn’t seem like those plans of normalcy are really working out. Halle’s biggest plan, to move herself and Nahla to France and live happily ever after with Oliver, fell through late last year. Gabriel Aubrey fought tooth and nail to keep his daughter in the country. He ultimately won, and a judge stopped Halle and Nahla from moving to France.

This is said to have created even more tension for the couple, as Martinez is reported to absolutely hate living in LA, and wants desperately to move back to France. With the two being forced to live so far apart, we can only imagine that the tension is mounting in their relationship.

No Strangers To Drama

The trio of Halle Berry, Oliver Martinez and Gabriel Aubrey are surely no strangers to drama. Late last year, the nasty custody dispute was finally settled in court, and we all breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the drama was finally over.

However, that was not the case. On Thanksgiving morning of 2012, the situation boiled over and tempers could not be held together anymore. Gabriel and Oliver got into a nasty brawl on Halle’s front lawn, while Nahla and Halle looked on.

Gabriel was left with a face full of blood and bruises and Oliver messed up his hand. Gabriel was arrested, but the charges were later dropped and the whole matter was settled out of court. We hope that this family finds a way to move past all the drama, so little Nahla can grow up with the peace and happiness that she deserves.

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