Gynecologist Dr. Nikita Levy Commits Suicide

Gynecologist Dr. Nikita Levy Commits Suicide

A movie scene?

It’s a story that sounds like it’s ripped straight from a movie script. A prominent, trusted gynecologist practicing at Johns Hopkins for more than twenty years, falls from grace when it comes to light that he has been secretly videotaping female patients for years. Less than a week later, he is found dead in his Maryland home. But, it’s not a movie scene. It’s real life, and the doctor is Nikita Levy, and the victims are very, very real. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Living the good life

It’s no secret that Jamaican born doctor Nikita Levy was living the good life. He was a well respected gynecologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, one of the most prestigious hospitals in the nation. He lived in a beautiful home in an affluent community in Maryland, with his wife, Sandra, a nurse at the hospital, and their three beautiful children.

Colleagues describe him as a very well respected, trusted doctor. A midwife who worked with Levy told the Washington Post “never in a thousand years would I have imagined such a thing. He had one of the biggest fan clubs in Baltimore, and he was always very, very busy. People wanted to see him. He saw some of the same patients for many, many years. They trusted him with their most intimate secrets. We were all their trusted confidants.”

Something not right

Less than two weeks ago, the threads begin to unravel, exposing the secret and sinister life of this once well respected physician. A still unnamed Johns Hopkins employee saw something unusual about Dr. Levy’s examinations on Feb. 4 (we still don’t know what exactly that was), and alerted supervisors, who began an investigation.

The results of the investigation were nothing short of devastating. It came to light that the doctor had been videotaping and photographing his patients in their most vulnerable moments, perhaps more than a hundred of them, and perhaps for years on end. Police have not released much information about the tapings, except to say that they think at least some of them were recorded with a video camera inside of a pen.

The downfall

After the allegations, the doctor was suspended, and a letter was later sent to all of his patients, telling them he had left the practice, but not specifying why. Some patients are outraged that they were not informed sooner.

The doctor was later fired, and after more evidence had been discovered, a second, more detailed letter was sent to patients. Police said they found “overwhelming evidence” at the doctor’s home, but are not elaborating on what exactly that evidence is, but you can only imagine.

No justice… Yet

Around 7A.M, on Monday, Feb 18, less than two weeks after the investigation into his actions began, police were called to Levy’s Hampton Road home by his wife. In his car, they found a suicide note to his wife, stating that he could not “stand to see her suffer with the truth”. Police found him dead in the basement, and would only say at first that neither a gun nor a knife were used in his suicide.

Later reports indicate that Levy placed a plastic bag over his head, and then pumped it full of helium, suffocating himself. Lawsuits are still being filed and more than 300 of Levy’s former patients gathered at a Baltimore hotel last week to learn about their legal options in this devastating and horrifying case.

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