Guilty Verdict for Eddy Curry’s Baby Mam

Guilty Verdict for Shooting Death of Eddy Curry’s Baby Mama and Daughter


Guilty. Finally, the verdict was handed down from a jury a few weeks ago in the tragic shooting death of NBA star Eddy Curry’s 10 month old daughter Ava and his ex girlfriend, Nova Henry, who was also Ava’s mother. It only took the jury four hours to deliberate and reach a verdict in the case. The verdict comes nearly four years after Nova Henry was shot to death in her South Loop Chicago townhouse while holding her baby girl. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

A Developing Relationship

Nova Henry had hired Chicago Lawyer Federick Goings as her attorney in the child support case she was pursuing against NBA star Eddy Curry, who was playing for the New York Knicks at the time. Henry was the mother of not only Eddy Curry’s ten month old daughter Ava, but also his three year old son Noah, as well. After hiring Goings as her attorney, the two later became romantically involved and even moved in together.

Things Turn Sour

But the relationship did not last. In 2007, Nova Henry tried to end the relationship, and moved from the home she had been sharing with Goings. She also took out an Emergency Protective Order against him, after telling authorities he had threatened both her and her son. She let the order of protection expire however, and did not seek a new one. Things just continued to deteriorate between the two from there.

A Grisly Scene

On January 24, 2009, Nova Henry was standing at the bottom of the stairs in her townhome, holding her baby daughter Ava, when both were shot multiple times and killed. Hours later, Nova Henry’s mother discovered the bodies, along with three year old Noah, hiding under a blanket on a living room couch, unharmed. When his grandmother asked him what had happened, little Noah said “Federick. Federick did it.” Then he put his finger to his lips and said “shhh..”.

Acting Guilty

Shortly after the bodies were found, Goings was spotted at an Indiana Comfort Inn, where he was behaving erratically. Witnesses saw him wandering aimlessly through the woods near the hotel, and later naked in the swimming pool, scrubbing violently at his fingernails. Later, police found a bullet in his car that matched the gun that was used to kill Nova and Ava. Nova Henry’s mother also testified that poor little Noah’s hands and feet were completely covered with dried blood.

Justice Served

Eddy Curry, who is currently playing for an NBA team in China, was on the witness list for the trial, but was never called to testify. Nova Henry’s mother, Yolan, was relieved that the trial was finally over: ‘I’m feeling elated. I can breathe,’ she said. ‘I feel justice has been served.’ We hope that this family continues to heal and find peace and happiness after this horrible ordeal. Hopefully with the trial behind them they can begin to move forward.

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