Will Gluten Free Diet Help My Fertility?


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Gluten free could be the key?

Gluten free diets are all the rage these days, with everyone from the elderly to small kids seeing benefits from removing gluten from their diets. As it turns out, new studies are coming forth showing that there could be a very distinct connection between celiac disease (gluten sensitivity) and infertility. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

This could really be a huge discovery, since as many as one in eight couples suffers from infertility. Of those couples who experience infertility, as many as one third of them suffer from unexplained fertility issues. The indication that Celiac Disease could be the culprit for at least some of these cases is a huge thing!

Gluten Free

What’s Celiac disease?

Celiac Disease is also sometimes referred to as Gluten Sensitivity, and it affects a TON of people. Celiac Disease is an immune disorder which mostly affects the gastrointestinal system.

gluten free for fertility - celiac disease

Doctors use blood tests, intestine biopsy,and dietary changes in order to diagnose and treat Celiac Disease. There are many people who suffer from gluten sensitivity symptoms, and many more who have celiac disease who don’t even have any symptoms!

How does it affect fertility?

Recent studies have showed that women with celiac disease are more prone to fertility issues and may even be associated with stillbirth and miscarriage as well. Researchers have recently found that celiac antibodies were more than five times more likely to be present in women with unexplained fertility. Men with undiagnosed celiac disease are also more likely to have abnormal sperm and abnormal hormone levels.

What can you do?

Experts say that there are more studies that need to be done to find out if simply making dietary changes can reverse the fertility issues associated with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Many women believe that the only way they were able to conceive is that they ditched all gluten and started eating healthier.

The thing with gluten is that you either are all-in… Or you’re not. So, you can’t just remove a little bit of gluten from your diet, you have to remove all of it. It’s a huge commitment, but many couples say that it was their key to getting pregnant.

If you think celiac disease or gluten sensitivity might be the reasons behind your fertility, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor. He or she will be able to give you a certain diagnosis, and if you do test positive for celiac disease, you can get some tips and ideas on how to completely remove it from your diet.

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