How to Prepare Your Child For a New Baby?

How to Prepare Your Child For a New Baby?

Bringing a new baby into your family can be a really exciting thing. However, if you have an older child, bringing a new baby into the family can be a really scary time as well. You don’t want your older child to feel left out or sad about the new baby. Now if your chances of having twins are high, then your work with the older sibling could be even greater. So, what is the best way to get your child ready for a new sibling(s)? Read on for some tips. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Break The News Early

It’s best to give your child lots of time to get ready for a new baby. Sharing the news of your pregnancy early on will give lots of time for your big brother or big sister to get used to the idea. For little kids, it might be hard to imagine the concept of how long it will take the baby to get here, so try to use a time frame they will understand, like “the baby will be here right before Christmas” or “the baby will be here when you turn five.”

Involve Your Big Kid

Being a big brother or big sister is fun, once your older child gets in on the action. Ask for their help in picking out clothing, toys, bedding, decorations, etc, for the new baby. If you are really brave, you can even ask them for baby name ideas! Whatever you can do to get your big kid in on the action is going to be great for helping them feel involved the decision making process.

Educate Your Big Kid

Take time to explain your pregnancy to your older child, of course, not in too much detail. Just give them a general idea of what is happening as your belly gets bigger. It can also be fun for a big brother or sister to hear the baby’s heartbeat at the doctor, or see the baby on an ultrasound. Try to answer as many questions as you can, in order to make the whole process a little bit less scary.

Enjoy Your Big Kid

Everyone knows how frazzled things can get once a new baby arrives, so make sure to take as much time as you can to enjoy some one on one time with your older child. Do lots of special dates and activities during your pregnancy, so your older child knows how much he or she is loved, and how special he or she is.

Get Your Big Kid Some Experience

If you can, get your older child some one on one time (with you, of course) with a newborn baby. If you have a friend or family member who has recently had a baby, get some experience with a real live baby for your big kid! A lot of moms to be also find it helpful to buy the big sibling (boy or girl!) a baby doll to help them prepare for the new baby!

Make The Meeting Special

When it’s finally time for your big kid to meet their new sibling, let him or her be one of the first people in your hospital room, to ensure a special experience. Let your big kid have a special present picked out for the new baby, and you can even give the new big brother or sister a special gift from the new baby. Make that first meeting as special as possible!

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Dr. Christine Lee, MD
Dr. Christine Lee, MD | ConceiveEasy
Dr. Christine Lee earned her Ph.D. in Developmental Biology and Master of Science in Biomolecular Organization. Dr. Lee is Lab Director for ConceiveEasy and is board certified as a High Complexity Laboratory Director (HCLD).