Getting Pregnant with Irregular Periods

Getting Pregnant with Irregular Periods

We all know that getting pregnant with irregular periods can be challenging. In fact, abnormal periods and in turn, abnormal ovulation can account for up to 40% of fertility problems. Today, we want to focus on what you can do to improve your odds, and if there are any tips that might help to improve your success rate. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Tip #1: Learn how to chart

This one is up to you. If you have irregular periods, you are also probably having irregular ovulation cycles. For this reason, it is really important that you make sure to track your cycles, and learn how to chart. The standard of counting back approximately 14 days from the start of your next period may not apply to you without a regular cycle.

Charting will put you in control of your body’s cycles and you can see for yourself the time that it will be easiest for you to get pregnant. It will take some getting used to, but most women find that once they learn how to chart their cycles, that it really is easier to do than they thought, and that it is pretty easy to keep track of. By knowing exactly when you are ovulating it will be easier for you to know the days of the month that it is possible for you to get pregnant.

Tip #2: Reduce stress

There is a huge link between stress and irregular periods. We also know that there is a link between stress and infertility. So, as hard as it may be, try to relax and not to stress out about getting pregnant. Do anything that you can to relax and not to worry about things, and you will improve your chances of conceiving.

The same also goes for maintaining a healthy weight and eating a good diet. Anything that you can do to make things easier on your body, you should do. Try to make good lifestyle choices, such as not drinking or smoking, to give your body the advantage it needs to be able to help you have a baby.

Tip #3: Fertility medication

If you have no success in charting and tracking your cycles, and still are having trouble conceiving, it might be time to talk to your doctor about putting you on a fertility medication. Fertility medications can increase your ovulation and make it easier for you to conceive.

Your doctor can help you decide if these medications are right for you and if you want to give them a shot. If your doctor decides to put you on fertility medication, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. This is really common, and fertility meds can help get your body to the place it needs to be for you to become a mom.

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