Getting Pregnant and Vitamin B12 for Anemia

Getting Pregnant and Vitamin B12 for Anemia

Anemia is a condition in which the body has too few red blood cells, or where the red blood cells are not able to properly carry iron and oxygen. Anemia during pregnancy can sometimes be dangerous for both the mother and the unborn baby because the baby needs the mother’s blood to grow during pregnancy. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Anemia during pregnancy can cause the baby to be born prematurely, with low birth weight, or also can cause poor fetal growth during pregnancy. These things are all very serious, and are not something to play around with during pregnancy or while trying to conceive.

What does Vitamin B12 do?

Vitamin B12 is the most complex and largest vitamin that the human body needs. When you don’t get enough B12 in your body, your body is unable to make enough red blood cells, and this can lead to anemia. Some of the symptoms of a lack of vitamin B12 in the body are chronic fatigue and trouble exercising and performing daily tasks.

How to get more Vit B12

If your body doesn’t make enough B12 on its own, it is very important to supplement that B12 through diet or other nutritional supplements. B12 can be found in milk, eggs, meat and poultry. Vitamin B12 can also be found in other sources as well.

It is very important to make sure that you are getting enough B12 if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant because B12 is vital to fertility as well as fetal growth and development. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you might have to have vitamin B12 injections during your pregnancy to ensure that your unborn baby is developing properly. Vitamin B12 deficiency in unborn babies can severely damage their nervous systems.

Vit B12 and fertility

If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you need more vitamin B12 than before. This is because the body needs more of this important vitamin during conception and pregnancy. Your doctor may advise you to increase your B12 intake through dietary means before becoming pregnant, or he or she may also suggest that you begin taking a vitamin B12 supplement prior to trying to become pregnant in order to better prepare your body for the process.

In some cases, your doctor may advise that you hold off on becoming pregnant until you have gotten your anemia or vitamin B12 deficiency under control. That is how important Vitamin B12 is in the body and how important it is to fetal development.

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