Fundal Height for Twins vs Singleton

Fundal Height for Twins vs Singleton

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Fundal height is something that is measured on a pregnant woman when she visits the doctor during her prenatal appointments. This represents the distance that exists between the uterus and the top of the pubic bone. Typically, the fundal height will match the number of weeks that the woman is pregnant. For example, at 16 weeks the fundal height will typically measure at 16 centimeters. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

These numbers, however, are the average for women who are only having one child. For those who are having twins, their fundal height may be drastically different. Some doctors even avoid measuring the fundal height when a mother is pregnant with twins because it can vary so drastically from one woman to the next.

Because of the differences, it is difficult to determine an average fundal height that is common for women who are having twins. For the most part, doctors will rely on ultrasounds to check a mother with twins and to ensure that everything is progressing normally.

Many women who have been measured during pregnancy with twins find that they are twice the fundal height of an average women who is having a single baby. For these women, pregnancy can become increasingly more uncomfortable because of the size of their babies.

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