Fraternal Twins Risk of Miscarriage

Fraternal Twins Risk of Miscarriage

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One issue that women face when they are pregnant with twins is an increased risk to their pregnancy. Twins make it more likely that the mother will require a c-section and it is also more likely that they will be born much earlier than necessary. This could mean that they are not fully developed when they are born. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

However, another risk that women face when they are pregnant with twins is miscarriage. Not only does the mother have the risk of having a miscarriage with both babies, but it is also possible for the mother to miscarry just one of the twins. When this happens with fraternal twins, this is called the vanishing twin syndrome.

Many women who miscarry one of their fraternal twins do not even realize that a miscarriage has occurred. However, these days many women are having ultrasounds very early in their pregnancy. This can alert them to multiple babies much earlier than before. Vanishing twin syndrome will appear during the first trimester of a pregnancy.

This type of miscarriage will be diagnosed when the mother has an ultrasound early in her pregnancy that shows two heartbeats. However, when doctors check for a heartbeat at a later date, they will only find one heartbeat. The placenta can then be examined after delivery to confirm that a miscarriage has occurred.

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