Flo-Rida’s Golddigging Baby Mama Proves He is the Father

Flo-Rida's Golddigging Baby Mama Proves He is the Father

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That Proves It

Well, there is no more fighting about it, at least. Flo Rida’s alleged baby mama, a hot model named Natasha Georgette Williams, has proven that she is in fact his actual baby mama. Natasha tried to sue Flo Rida for “good fortune” child support last year. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Good fortune child support is where a wealthy parent pays more than necessary so that their child can “benefit” from their financial success. Flo Rida admitted that he had been sleeping with Natasha all over the country, but he insisted that she had been sleeping with multiple partners.

Flo Rida allegedly also offered to pay for an abortion. Although he has insisted for months that there was no way the child was really his, it seems like that might not have been true after all.

The Results Are In

According to newly released legal documents, there is a 99.99999999% chance that Flo Rida is the father of Natasha’s baby. Williams’ lawyer Ray Rafool says, “Though not a surprise to Ms. Williams, we are certainly pleased that the Court ordered paternity test firmly establishes Flo Rida is the father of their son.” Natasha gave birth ten weeks ago, according to her Instagram, and got the paternity test done very quickly after giving birth.

Flo Rida wanted her to have a paternity test done while she was pregnant, through amniocentesis, but Natasha refused, saying the test was too dangerous. Now that her baby has been born, she quickly got the test done so she could prove who the father of her baby is.

What Comes Next

This isn’t the first time that a woman has accused Flo Rida of getting her pregnant. Three years ago, a woman named Gloria Halloway claimed that Flo Rida was the father of her child as well, but the DNA test came back and it was confirmed that he was not actually the father.

The judge has yet to respond on the current case between Flo Rida and Natasha Georgette Williams, but it’s pretty clear that he is in fact the baby’s father, and that Natasha will be receiving some sort of child support. What remains to be seen is just how much the judge will order Flo Rida to pay. We will be paying attention to this story to see what comes out of it, and what the judge decides is the proper support for Flo Rida to pay for this baby.

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