First and Second Trimester Miscarriage Symptoms

First and Second Trimester Miscarriage Symptoms

This is a rather depressing topic in general, yet it is good to know what to look for, or have something to refer to if you fear that you are having a miscarriage. Here I will cover the most common symptoms of both the first and second trimester miscarriages. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

What causes a miscarriage?

There are a few different causes for a miscarriage. Sometimes it can be as simple as an outside influence that truly has nothing to do with the baby until it enters your body or happens to your body. These could be things such as a severe car crash, excessive amounts of non prescription drugs or illicit drugs, and excessive alcoholic drinking.

Another could be a blighted ovum. A blighted ovum is when the embryo fails to develop in the early stages of pregnancy. This usually occurs in the first three to five weeks or pregnancy. Sadly that is just the beginning, the list goes on to include; egg deformities, severe illness, chemical pregnancies, and even an incompetent cervix.

First trimester

Here are the signs you may be experiencing a miscarriage in your first trimester. If you notice any of these, contact your medical practitioner immediately.
Excessive bleeding that may soak an entire pad in less than three to four hours.

Back aches that may or may not be tolerable, sometimes these are followed with bleeding from the uterus.

Lower abdominal cramping that makes it hard to walk or carry on with normal daily activities.

Loss of pregnancy symptoms. This means if you have had morning sickness and tender breasts for longer than two to three weeks and the symptoms all stop at the same time without any notice. Typically throughout a pregnancy one or the other may subside while the others stick around, or they may trade off, but rarely will they ever stop all at once.

Passing of blood clots. If your blood clot is the size of a 25c coin then you need to call your doctor immediately. He or she may want to see the blood clot. Usually the clot will look dark red, almost purple, and needs to be examined for further knowledge of what has happened.

Second trimester

Typically the second trimester miscarriage symptoms will be similar to the first trimester symptoms. However there are a few differences. Again, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms in your second trimester, it is an indication that something might be wrong, so please contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Passing of blood clots will be bigger, not much bigger in size but larger than a 50c piece.

Cramping will become completely unbearable no matter what position you are laid in or what medications you are taking to ease the pain.

Back ache is almost a guarantee with a second trimester miscarriage; this is your muscles tightening to try to push out what should no longer be there.

The excessive bleeding will be heavier, soaking a pad in less than two hours.

Third trimester

It is highly rare to have a third trimester miscarriage. It is so unheard of there is nothing you can find about this. In the third trimester your body will not react to things as it would have in the first two trimesters. Instead typically you will begin to have contractions, usually ending in the delivery of a very early baby.

With today’s technology most of these babies do survive to live happy lives. However, there are some that do not end well, some ending in what is known as stillbirth. Stillbirth is when the baby dies in the womb and is born not breathing and cannot be saved.

Chemical pregnancy

10-25% of pregnancies will end in miscarriage; nearly 60% of those are due to chemical pregnancies. Chemical pregnancy is when implantation occurs but is lost shortly after, resulting in bleeding around the normal menstrual period time. 1 in every 115 births is stillborn in the United States.

These numbers are shocking. Be sure to make a preconception doctor appointment and see your doctor as he or she recommends throughout your pregnancy.

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Monica Scott, BS, RN
Monica Scott, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
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