Fertility Treatments and Multiple Births

Fertility Treatments and Multiple Births in the United States

Fertility treatments can account for nearly 4.6% of multiple births in the United States each year. That number is astounding if you think about how many births there are in a year. Nearly 191,286 in America alone! So what are your odds with the treatment you are doing? Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

In vitro fertilization

If you are participating in “In vitro Fertilization” your odds of having multiples are quite high. 25% of in vitro fertilization births are twins. Another 2-3% of in vitro births are triplets! The way this procedure works is by removing multiple eggs from the female, fertilize them and then a few days later replaced into the uterus in hopes that they will stick. For some this is a hard process because the eggs may not stick at all, causing them to have to repeat the procedure again the next month. For others this can mean baby is on its way- or babies.


Using Clomid? This fertility drug is very common for women that have problems ovulating on a regular schedule or at all. Clomid allows your body to ovulate and release viable healthy eggs for fertilization. With the release of these eggs come more eggs. With more eggs comes the possibility of multiples! About 10% of pregnancies that are due to Clomid end in twin births; while only 1% ends in triplets or more. While the chance is low, it is still there!

Intra uterine insemination treatments & gonadotropin

When mixing two different fertility treatments your odds are even higher for multiples. For example when you are receiving intra uterine insemination treatments as well as the drug gonadotropin your odds are much higher. Of the pregnancies that come from these treatments an astounding 20% end with twins, and nearly 15% ending in higher multiples such as triplets and higher!

Be aware

While you are on your mission to pregnancy be aware that multiples may be in your future and at that same time the health of multiples is very different from the health of a single baby. Most multiples are born early, the higher the number of multiples the earlier they come and more attention they will need at birth. It is rare to find a set of twins that both weigh over six pounds each, same is to be said for triplets and more. Take your baby’s health into mind as well as your own when your doctor tells you he has seven eggs that can be fertilized and wants to know how many you want implanted. Chose 2 or 3 to begin with, you will have eggs remaining to try again if this time does not work out.

Educate yourself on the many treatment options available to you depending upon your infertility problem these options may be greater. Take your doctor’s advice and be patient as well. There are a lot of drugs out there that may do the trick without the risk of multiples.

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