Oral and Injectable Fertility Pharmaceuticals

Oral and Injectable Fertility Pharmaceuticals

Fertility pharmaceuticals are usually divided up into two types. Today we are going to explain the two types so that you can better understand the different types. There are several differences in the two types of medications, but also several differences. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Oral Pharmaceuticals

The first type of fertility medications are oral medications. Oral medications are just what they sound like, they are medications that are taken by mouth. The most well known oral fertility medication is definitely Clomid. Oral medications are very popular because they usually don’t have too many severe side effects. They are also usually very affordable, and they help to boost ovulation and help you produce more eggs.

This in turn, makes it easier to get pregnant. Most fertility medications that are given orally are given the same way. You start the treatment on the first day of your period and take the medication for five days. You will be able to take the medication for up to six months. If you haven’t been able to conceive after the sixth month, your doctor will probably recommend another form of treatment.

Some of the oral pharmaceuticals on the market include:


Injection Pharmaceuticals

If the oral medications are not successful, your doctor might recommend some injectable medications. Injectables are usually much more potent than oral medications. This being said, the rate of multiples when using injectable medications also increases to around 30%, so be aware of that. Injectable medications can also have more severe side effects than the oral medications.

You should also know that they are more expensive than oral medications. The shots are started three days into your cycle and are continued to around day 7 or 12. Then you will be given an injection that will cause you to ovulate within 36 hours, you have to be ready!


Now you are informed about the two main types of fertility pharmaceuticals that are on the market today. There are always new medications being researched all the time, so look for some new medications to hit the market soon! But, for now, these are the two main types that you need to be educated about.

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