Fertility Herb Dong Quai

Fertility Herb Dong Quai

What Is Dong Quai?

Dong Quai is one of the most potent and powerful fertility supplements in the world. Best of all, it is all natural and comes from a herb in the celery family. It has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for years with great results, and now people in Western society are beginning to see what a great natural solution Dong Quai can be! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Dong Quai can be found in powder forms, tablet forms, root forms, or even as a liquid extract. In traditional Chinese medicine, the root is boiled or soaked in wine, then removed and the liquid is ingested. But, what is so great about Dong Quai? Read on to find out!

Benefits of Dong Quai

Dong Quai is one of the most powerful female fertility tonics that exists. It’s traditionally used as a blood tonic, to have a positive effect on circulation. Dong Quai can help jump start periods in women who have absent periods, it can improve menstrual flow in women who have very light periods, and it can help women who experience weak feelings after their periods have passed.

It has also been proven to help improve red blood count, and to help with so called “stagnant” conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and fibroids. Studies have also shown that Dong Quai can help with painful periods, short periods, or other menstrual irregularities. As you can see, Dong Quai is a multi faceted herbal remedy, and can have great effects on women!

Other Benefits

Dong Quai has other healing properties aside from fertility benefits too! It can be used by both men and women for a variety of conditions. It has been proven to help boost male and female fertility, improve overall happiness and mental clarity, and help with constipation, headaches and more.

It can also help with things like shingles, hepatitis, allergies, anemia, high blood pressure, and even rheumatoid conditions like rheumatoid arthritis! So, Dong Quai can be beneficial to a wide range of people, not just those who need it for fertility purposes.

Side Effects

As always, when beginning a new herbal supplement treatment plan, make sure to talk with your doctor. Dong Quai can be a great option for helping boost your health, but it is not for everyone. Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding should avoid Dong Quai, since experts are not sure how safe it is.

Also, people who use blood thinners should also not take Dong Quai. It is not safe for people with bleeding disorders, or excessive menstrual periods. Also remember that Dong Quai can increase your sensitivity to sunlight, so be sure to wear sunscreen while taking it. If you have any additional questions, make sure to speak with your health care professional.

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Maureen Stephens, BS, RN
Maureen Stephens, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
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