Fertility Foods for William & Kate’s Honeymoon

Fertility Foods? William and Kate's Honeymoon Food Requests

Prince William and Kate’s baby plans

All over the world, eyes have been on Prince William and Kate Middleton since their nuptials this past April, and it didn’t take long for the pregnancy/trying for a baby rumors to start flowing. It seemed as soon as they announced their engagement that everyone was already talking about how long it would take for Kate to get pregnant. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

However, William and Kate didn’t do anything to quell the rumors that they couldn’t wait to get pregnant when they loaded up on what many see as “fertility foods” while still on their honeymoon. What did they order on their honeymoon that had everyone talking? And did it really help to boost their fertility? Read on for the scoop.

They ate what?

US Magazine reports that of all the food and drink in all the world, William and Kate asked to have their private honeymoon villa stocked with brussel sprouts and cream cheese. If you know anything about fertility, you probably know that brussel sprouts are high in folic acid, and many people consider them to be something of a fertility super food.

Brussel sprouts are said to produce healthy sperm in men, and help with egg maturation in women. Brussel sprouts also contain ingredients that can help with fibriods, endometriosis, and other issues that might affect fertility. Other foods that have similar fertility benefits as brussel sprouts include broccoli and cauliflower.

Fertility or fitness?

Of course, the moment that everyone heard that William and Kate wanted brussel sprouts on their honeymoon, everyone was convinced that they were trying for a baby! Was it true? Most experts chalked the strange honeymoon request up to another regular part of Kate’s low carb diet that she is famous for sticking to.

However, now that we know that Princess Catherine is expecting a little bundle of joy, maybe those honeymoon brussel sprouts really did do the trick! Most of us brushed off those trying to conceive rumors on their honeymoon, but now it looks like the royal couple could have quite possibly been trying to boost their fertility.

Either way, the entire world is super excited for the Prince and Duchess to welcome their baby to the world! No one really knows if that honeymoon food was meant to boost fertility or not, but either way, the know William and Kate will be fabulous parents!

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