Top Fertility Drugs to Have Twins

Fertility Drugs to Have Twins

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There are couples who would give anything to be able to conceive a child, and there are couples who just want to make sure they would have twins. Luckily for both cases, the same drugs that fight fertility can create the premises for a pregnancy with twins. Here are the four best known drugs that favor pregnancies with twins, and there are also herbal supplements and foods to eat to increase the chances of having a twin pregnancy. Let’s go and check these out. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Before getting into the nitty gritty of it, let’s talk about the type of twins that there are.

Identical twins are formed from a single embryo splitting and are always the same sex. It is a random and unexplained phenomenon.

Fraternal twins are when two eggs get fertilized by two different sperm, and two embryos are created, and can be of either sex. These are the types of twins many couples can increase their chances of having.


Clomiphene is one of the best fertility drugs for getting pregnant and having twins and can represent a great help in the conception process, especially in cases of irregular or no ovulation and congenital or chronic problems that may represent an impediment for a healthy pregnancy. The pills can be administrated before turning to assisted reproductive treatments like the in vitro fertilization, in order to stimulate the production of eggs.

Clomiphene can also help men prevent and cure hormonal imbalances that may decrease sperm quantity and quality, as well as the motility of the spermatozoa. Clomid has been used for many decades, as it was first used in 1967 as an injectable until the 1970’s when it became an oral medication.

Clomiphene for hormonal imbalance

The job that Clomid provides is that it actually suppresses the estrogen levels which trick the brain into thinking that there is not enough estrogen. Therefore, it stimulates the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), as well as the luteinizing hormone (LH) which will cause ovulation- to happen possibly twice.

Clomid is a powerful drug but at the same time, a mild one because even though it can cause your ovaries to release several eggs at once- it is not a drug that is likely to cause your ovaries to work into overdrive which can be problematic.



Parlodel is usually administrated in oral form and small doses, for a period of 5 days every month. It helps to lower the level of the prolactin hormone that inhibits the ovulation process and stimulates the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), assisting the ovaries to release one or more mature eggs, depending on how often the woman ovulates in a normal period.



Pergonal is one of the most popular fertility drugs to have twins and, after a complete treatment, it enables the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that balances basic functions, such as body temperature) to release the luteinizing hormone (LH), a very good indicator that the ovaries are ready to enter the fecundation stage and about to drop the egg in the fallopian tube. If a healthy sperm meets the egg on its way to the uterus, the pregnancy usually occurs and the couple’s prayers are answered.

Luteinizing hormone (LH) during menstrual cycle


Its effect is due to the high menotrophin content, and is reduced mostly to the impact on the FSH and LH hormones, essential for the well functioning of the female reproductive organs. Humegon is known to stimulate the follicular maturation in infertile women and to trigger the secretion of gonadal steroids. In addition, it is successfully used in assisted reproduction programs and often combined with Pregnyl for a synergetic effect.

Given the fact that these drugs act mostly at hormonal level, it is very important for every treatment to follow a thorough medical examination and the doctor’s recommendation. By their ability to encourage the ovaries to release more than one egg each cycle, your chances of twins are much higher with these fertility drugs.

However, these drugs can have a potent effect on your fertility- especially if you don’t suffer from any kind of fertility issue at all. However, in order to increase your odds of conceiving twins even further, you will also want to change up your diet and add a few herbal supplements as well.

But let’s start with the foods to eat that will increase your fertility, and help the drugs do their job even more.


Foods With Folate

It is essential for women to take folic acid before trying to conceive, but it has been shown that consuming foods that are high in folate, which is also folic acid can help increase the chances of you conceiving twins! Foods that are rich in folate are:

• Avocado
Braised beef liver
breakfast cereals
green leafy vegetables
whole grains
kidney beans
wheat germ
roasted peanuts
• tomato juice
oranges and orange juice
Bakers yeast

Therefore, if you add more of those foods into your diet, then you will increase your odds of having twins as well. But, don’t forget to have a glass of whole milk with that as well!


Full-Fat Dairy

Full-fat dairy foods have growth hormones that will increase ovulation and fertility. In fact, it is recommended to have extra servings of full-fat dairy foods to increase your odds of having twins.

That means you will want to have whole milk, full-fat yogurt and cheese as well. And here is another tip. When you are trying to conceive twins, don’t get any dairy product that is organic, even if it is full-fat. You will want to go directly to the hormone-enriched brands!

full fat dairy

And by the way, avoid skim milk like the plague! Skim milk not only does not help you increase your chances of conceiving twins but it has properties that could end up raising your testosterone levels, which means you won’t even be ovulating at all. And, if you want to conceive twins, as long as you are not obese, don’t shed those pounds, even if you are somewhat overweight.

Studies have indicated that women who have a BMI of 26 to 30 have an increased chance of conceiving twins. Yes, being overweight can also hamper your ability to get pregnant, and can increase the risk of pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes as well as preeclampsia- but if you stock up on your foods that are rich in folate as well as full-fat dairy foods- and limit your sugar intake, you will be fine.

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And there are other foods you will want to add to your diet to help increase your chances of conceiving twins. Actually, it is more like a supplement rather than food, it is wild yams.


Wild Yam Supplements

No, don’t get that sweet potato because even though it will not harm your chances of conceiving twins, it won’t be exceptionally helpful either. In fact, sweet potatoes and yams are not the same things, and yams and wild yams are also not the same things. What you actually will want to get are wild yam supplements.

Wild yam supplements have chemicals that can cause ovulation to go into overdrive. In fact, there is a high twin rate in Nigeria and the link between Nigerian women taking wild yam supplements and having twins have been found. Therefore, you will definitely want to take advantage of the power that wild yams could potentially provide.

There are also supplements that you can take that can increase your chances of ovulating more than once. However, before you jump into this, you will need to see a holistic doctor to talk about the safety of herbal supplements while trying to get pregnant. You also need to find out if these are safe to take while taking prescribed fertility drugs. Chances are they may not be, but a professional will be able to give you a firm answer.

wild yam to increase fertility

If you choose to go the herbal route, then there is good news. There are some herbal supplements that have been not only shown to be safe but have proven to be powerful. Here are some ideas when it comes to herbal supplements and conceiving twins.


Chasteberry Tree or Vitex

This herbal supplement, which is called Vitex has been known for the longest time to improve fertility and balance hormones. That means those who want to conceive twins would likely gravitate to this herbal supplement in conjunction with a diet that helps increase your chances of conceiving twins, then your odds of having two buns in the oven are higher!


Ashwagandha Root

The Ashwagandha root has been known to improve fertility as well by helping to balance the hormonal and the endrocrine system. If you take this herbal supplement in conjunction with sticking to a diet that helps promote the chances of conceiving twins, then the odds are even more so in your favor.



This herbal supplement, Tribulus is a great one to take in order to help promote ovulation and good health with the endocrine system. In fact, this is a great herb for women who have PCOS to take because it really helps promote ovulation. Therefore, taking this herb in conjunction with a diet that helps increase the odds of getting pregnant with twins can help your chances.



Maca Root

Maca root is an excellent herbal remedy that helps not only improve the endocrine and reproductive system, but it helps improve the quality of the egg. This herb itself may not necessarily increase the chances of conceiving twins, but you never know. If you take it in conjunction with sticking to a diet that helps promote superovulation, it can only help!

These are the tips that can help you increase your chances of conceiving twins. If you are tall and have a family history of fraternal twins on either side of the family, or you are over 35 years old- your chances are even higher that you will have twins.

However, if not, then that is why you have the option to take fertility drugs, as well as herbal supplements and sticking to a diet that can help your odds of having twins increase. However, you also need to be aware of what to expect during a twin pregnancy as well so you know exactly what you are getting into.


What To Expect With A Twin Pregnancy

The fact of the matter is, when you are pregnant with twins, you are going to experience double of everything! That means double the fatigue, double the morning sickness and double the weight gain.

There is no guarantee, but it is likely that you will experience more of at least one of those symptoms. That is because the hCG levels are increasing at an astronomical level, which is why these pregnancy symptoms happen in the first place.

That also means you will also be at a higher risk for pregnancy-related complications such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and hyperemesis gravidarum. That means you will need to be seeing your OBGYN more often to be monitored more carefully.

twin pregnancy

Remember as well, a twin pregnancy means there is less space in there for the babies to grow. This is also why there is a higher chance of premature delivery. However, if you are handling it well and not facing serious complications, you will be able to likely make it to 37 to 38 weeks which is considered to be term, but not full term as that would be 39 weeks- and a twin pregnancy cannot go towards that point.

However, more often than not, twins are born between 34 to 37 weeks. The good news is that technology has advanced quite a bit that babies born over 32 weeks have a great chance of not facing complications later in life.

However, now that you are aware of the possible pregnancy complications that you could encounter if you were to have twins, you still need to ask yourself is it something you still want? If so, best of luck!!

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