Fertility Drugs and Twins

Fertility Drugs and Twins

One of the most common rumors circling around fertility drugs is that if you use them, you will surely get pregnant with twins, or triplets, or something similar. Today we are going to find out if that is really the case, and just how prevalent the occurrence of twins is when using fertility drugs. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Chances of twins

Let’s start by talking about twins in general. In USA, one in every ninety births is twins. That is around 1-3%. However, when taking fertility drugs such as Clomid, for example, your chance of having twins increases to about 10%, and your chance of having multiples is around 1%. As you can see the chances of having twins with Clomid is a little greater, but still not that great of a chance of having twins.

Conceiving multiples

The chances of having twins are not only a risk when you are taking part in IVF; however, any fertility treatment increases your chance of having twins. There are a lot of factors that determine your individual chance of having twins, from your family history, to your body type and your dosage of medication and how your body reacts to drugs.

If you are taking Gonadotropins (injection fertility medication) you should definitely be aware that the risk of multiples with those medications is a lot higher, somewhere around 30%. If you are taking these types of medications, you definitely need to talk with your doctor about your potential risk of conceiving multiples.

Smart conceiving

As a final word, I would like to warn any women out there against seeking out a doctor for fertility treatment for the sole reason of getting pregnant with twins or multiples. This might sound kind of crazy, but there are people who seek out doctors and fertility treatments because they want specifically to have twins.

Do not do this, it is not a good idea, and I don’t know of any reputable doctors who would be comfortable doing this. It is just not smart to seek out fertility treatments when they are not needed. Some people are even to get doctors to give them free fertility pills as samples, and then they might find themselves with unexpected twins!

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