Fertility After Forty: Is it too late?

Fertility After Forty: Is it too late?

Celebs Who Make It Look Easy!

Having a baby after forty. It’s all the rage. Halle Berry is pregnant at 46. (A revelation that she calls “the biggest surprise of my life!”) Uma Thurman was pregnant at 41. Elaine Irwin is 43, and Kathryn Morris is expecting twins at age 44. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Holly Hunter had her twins at age 47, and Jane Seymour at age 45. Marcia Gay Harden and Marcia Cross both became moms of twins at 45. And Kelly Preston…. she gave birth just last year at age 48. These celebrity women are making it look easy! But are they sending the wrong message? Just how easy is it to get pregnant after age 40?

Why Celebs Get Pregnant Later

Well, if we’re thinking about why celebrities wait until later in life to get pregnant, there are a ton of reasons. Hollywood celebs spend their whole lives working, building their fame and fortune, traveling all over the world, and in plain terms, just enjoying the good life.

Many celebs put off having kids until later in life until they have their finances in order, and have enjoyed a long and successful career. Plus, just like a lot of the “rules” that apply to the rest of us don’t apply to the Hollywood elite, the rules of fertility don’t either.

Think about it. Celebs who want to become moms later in life have access to the best doctors, the best fertility treatments, the most groundbreaking procedures, and everything else that the rest of us just can’t do. They can afford the $50,000 rounds of IVF one after another, they can blow that kind of money that the rest of us need for car payments and rent.

Are They Special?

No. Celebs are made just the same way that we are. They don’t have special genes that make them fertile longer. Although all of these celebrity moms that are giving birth in their mid forties would like us to believe that they are just naturally extra fertile, that is just not true. No celebs like to talk about using fertility treatments, donor eggs, any of that stuff. They want us to all think that they are perfect, but the fact is ladies, that it just isn’t true.

Fertility After Forty

The science of the matter is that at age 40, only somewhere around one percent of a woman’s eggs are healthy and viable enough to maintain a pregnancy. Around age 43, only 0.1% of a woman’s eggs are considered healthy and viable.

In the fertility world, it is considered impossible for a woman to get pregnant naturally after age 43. Well, damn near impossible. So, when you see these celebs having babies at 46, 47, 48 years of age, remember that we are not getting the whole story! There is nothing wrong with you if you can’t conceive at that age, you’re just normal!!

But the older a woman is, the greater her chances of dropping multiple eggs during ovulation. And multiple eggs can mean multiple babies… so if you can get pregnant after 40, you may just be figuring out how to get pregnant with twins naturally as an innocent by-product.

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