11 Feng Shui Tips to Increase Fertility

11 Feng Shui Tips to Increase Fertility

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Whenever couples that are trying for a baby, they will immediately look into the foods to eat that will help boost their fertility, or will quit bad habits that will potentially decrease their chances of conceiving. They will also look into taking supplements that will increase their chances of creating or growing a family as well. However, many times they will dismiss that other factors can play a role in their fertility such as feng shui. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

That is right. Feng shui is something that many people who are part of the western culture don’t take seriously.

And, if you are not aware of what feng shui is, this is a practice that originated in the Chinese culture that involves furniture arrangements, objects, and colors that will determine a particular outcome.

That said, feng shui can most definitely have a strong impact on fertility as well. And, as mentioned just before, many people that are part of the western culture do not take feng shui seriously because there is no concrete proof that it has an effect on anything. However, spiritually-attuned people will insist that anything can be influenced by a certain energy that is being emitted.


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That also means that certain furniture arrangements, colors you wear, and objects you have or that are placed in certain areas of the home can most definitely play a role in whether you conceive or not. And, even if you are not 100 percent sure that feng shui really does have much of an impact on anything, it does not cost you anything to attempt to increase your chances of getting pregnant by making some physical changes in your home.

The only reason that many people are skeptical that feng shui could really have a significant impact on your fertility is that nothing has proven that it does work. And yet, nothing also proves that it doesn’t work. However, anything also can have an impact on the type of energy you are facing. So, why not look into how feng shui can increase your chances of conception.

How To Use Feng Shui To Increase Your Fertility

There are many steps you need to take in order to make the best use of feng shui when it comes to using it to help increase your fertility. Let’s find out what you need to do in order to increase the baby-making energy in your home:

Keep the main home entry clear

When you are actively trying for a baby, you will want to make sure that nothing blocks the doorway to your home from the outside. That means if you have shrubs in front of your door that are growing to the point that they are becoming out of control, they will create blockages. That said, you will need to get the landscaper to cut the excess shrubbery. If the doorway to your home is blocked, then that means the fertile energy that you want to bring in will be blocked as well.

Focus on putting your energy, the right colors, and the right objects in the kids area of your home

The area of your home that represents your own children is the right-hand wall of your home which is the center area of the home or floor plan. There are a few things that you will need to do in order to make this area rich in any kind of baby-making energy. Firstly, you are going to want to put a metal statue of anything that represents babies and children, as well as anything that is shaped like a circle.You will want to add anything that is white or metallic colors like silver or gold which represents purity in the area as well. Additionally, you will want to add any kind of accessory that is relevant to babies and motherhood. You can make it as simple as buying a round picture frame that is white, gold, or silver, and put a picture of a family with a baby in it (if you have a relative with a young family, their picture would be perfect), and put the picture in that area of your home that represents kids.

Keep the baby-making bedroom clean

It is important that you keep your bedroom clean since you are planning to create a new life in that particular room. Be sure to vacuum and sweep the floors around it, and vacuum under the bed and when you are shifting your mattress to clean, be sure to put it back in the same spot.

However, once you start actively trying to get pregnant, do not clean underneath your bed again because it is believed that the spirits of your children hang around there.

The last thing you want to do is disturb their energy.

Remove the ceiling fan

The ceiling fan can disrupt fertile energies, and you will want to make sure it is removed before you start actively trying to conceive. A ceiling fan has been believed to interrupt the energies around the woman’s solar plexus, and that means if that energy is disrupted then nothing will be able to attach to the uterus. Remove the ceiling fan

Invest in green sheets and pillow cases

The color green represents money and fertility, and you are certainly going to want to bring a lot of green items into your home. The most important green items to purchase are the pillowcases and bed sheets, and you can even get a green blanket. In fact, purchase enough so you can put a new sheet and pillowcase that is green on your bed after removing the previous ones that must go into the wash.

Buy a dragon and an elephant statue

These statues are going to be going into your bedroom. The dragon statue is meant to be by the same side where the aspiring dad is sleeping to help increase his fertility and energy. And, the elephant statue to get is any that has the trunk down. You will want to put it right by your bedroom doorway as that has been said to increase fertility energy for a very long time. You can even pet the elephant statue each time you walk in or out of your bedroom because that can increase your chances of getting pregnant quicker.

Hang a yellow picture on the wall behind your bed

The color yellow is associated with children, and in order to increase that energy and encourage the children’s spirits to come to you in a physical form, hang a yellow picture on the wall behind the bed that you will be doing your baby-making duties.Yellow photo frame

Activate the bedroom by making a few other changes that indicate that your relationship is strong

A baby will be more willing to come to a couple that has a strong and positive relationship than one that does not. That said, you will want to add some items that are red which indicates passion, which alone represents the baby-making activities. And, you will want to get an item that represents a square, as well as anything that represents the earth element. So that means, get a square coffee table, and put a plant in the middle of it, as well as two red candles, and you are good to go with that.

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Remove clutter from your bedroom that is not relevant to your baby-making activities

The idea is that you want to make sure that the energy in your bedroom (and the rest of your house) is clutter-free of irrelevant items that can cause blockages and procrastination. That means, for instance, if you have your grandmother’s china set in your room or in your closet that has no relevance to your attempts to conceive, then you need to remove it and even give it to a friend or a family member to hang onto.What will you tell them? Tell them that you are in the middle of organizing your home and you need some help with others taking items that will allow you to clean effectively. No one needs to know the truth.

Buy statues of baby animals and distribute it throughout your home

Baby animal statues will most definitely help you achieve your wish from an energetic standpoint. It does not matter what baby animal statues that you decide to purchase. If you love puppies, then buy some puppy statues and place them in different areas of the home.

Eat pomegranate seeds

Pomegranates are good for you and are a fertility-boosting food. But that is not the reason that this is being suggested. Pomegranates represent fertility and you will want to have some in your kitchen each day!

These are the key feng shui tips to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Even if you are not a believer in this, then why not give it a try anyway? You just never know. If you do what you can to improve the feng shui in your home and make it fertility-friendly, while you are doing all of the physical things that need to be done to increase your chances of getting pregnant- you very well may end up with a pleasant surprise sooner than you expect.

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