Female Inmate was Forced to Give Birth in Toilet

Prison Shuts Down, Where Newborn Died After Female Inmate Forced to Give Birth in Toilet

Horrible Conditions

The Dawson State Jail in Dallas, Texas. For years, it has been described as the “worst jail in Texas”. Lawmakers have long pushed to have the jail shuttered, citing horrific treatment of the inmates, deplorable living conditions, and even worse, deaths of inmates. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Nobody wants the jail to stand, but it just wouldn’t go away. For years, this is how it has been. However, what happened to baby Gracie was the final straw.

Who is baby Gracie?

Who is baby Gracie, you ask? Baby Gracie was born to Autumn Miller, an inmate of Dawson State Jail. Autumn was only 26 weeks along when she gave birth to Gracie in her jail cell. She knew something was wrong before Gracie was born, and she begged the prison guards to help her.

They gave her a menstrual pad and locked her in her cell, told her she only had to go to the bathroom. Then, according to the lawsuit, “She looked down and watched, in horror, as she delivered baby Gracie into the toilet.”

What Happened Next

Autumn screamed for the guards to help her. It took them 15 minutes to even get the key and come into Autumn’s cell. According to the lawsuit, “Several CCA employees came into the holding cell while Gracie lay there helpless next to her bleeding mother.” Autumn says one of the guards was even videotaping the whole thing.

Remember, Autumn, who went to Dawson State Jail in February 2012, was in jail for a drug possession/probation violation charge. She was a non violent offender. Even so, when she was transported to the hospital and allowed to visit with her baby, she was kept in shackles and handcuffs. An hour after baby Gracie died at the hospital (four days after she was born), Autumn was already being transported back to Dawson State.

Time To Shut It Down

Now, baby Gracie is dead, Autumn is traumatized. And this isn’t even the first death at the jail. Texas lawmakers agreed that the jail is just too unsafe to keep open. The jail population in Texas is dwindling, and Dawson State jail just isn’t needed anymore to house inmates.

Plus, the City Of Dallas wants the property that Dawson State jail sits on, to develop the prime real estate along the Trinity River. It might be a small consolation to Autumn Miller, that the place where she experienced the most horrific time of her life will be shut down, but it sure won’t bring her baby back.

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