Female Fertility Clock Ticking

Female Fertility Clock Ticking

One of the things that we hear about most often in conjunction with female fertility is the so called “biological clock”. Is the biological clock real, and if so, what is it? Read on for more info about females and their fertility clock! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

What is the biological clock?

For women, fertility peaks at around age 20 or so, and then begins to decline after that. In addition, each woman is born with a set number of eggs, and that number will never increase. As a woman begins to get older, her fertility keeps decreasing.

After age 30, it begins to become more and more difficult for a woman to get pregnant, and by age 40 or 45, it is almost impossible for a woman to get pregnant using her own eggs. So, from the time a woman reaches childbearing age, she knows that her clock is starting, and her time for having children is running out. This is known as a woman’s biological clock ticking, or her fertility clock ticking.

The numbers

When talking about female fertility, the numbers definitely back up the idea of the female biological clock. For example, at age 30, 75% of women who are trying to get pregnant will have a baby within one year, and 91% of women trying to get pregnant will have a baby within four years.

However, once a woman hits 35, only 66% of women who are trying to get pregnant will have a baby within one year. Only 84% of women who are trying to get pregnant will have a baby within four years. Once a woman hits age 40, only 44% of women trying to have a baby will get pregnant within one year, and only 64% will get pregnant within four years.

As you can see, there is such a sharp decline in female fertility between age 30 and 35, and an even bigger decline between age 35 and 40, there is a real reason that women should be concerned about her fertility.

How it affects women

When a woman knows that she wants to have a baby, but isn’t sure when, there can be some real issues with her biological clock ticking. A woman can sometimes end up having a baby before she is emotionally or financially ready, just to make sure her “time doesn’t run out”. Women might sometimes settle for a partner that is not the right one for them, just so they will be able to have a baby before it is too late.

Many women who want to have successful careers and might not be ready to start a family until later in life undergo a ton of stress when trying to figure out the right balance of career, family, and time. A woman can really have issues with her biological clock “ticking” as she gets older and knows that her time to become a mother (easily) is running out.


Of course, there are quite a few options for women who feel that their time is running out to have a baby. Even if a woman has waited too long and her ovarian reserve is quite low, she can try IVF. If doctors don’t think that IVF will be successful, there are always other options such as surrogates and using donor eggs.

Sometimes, if a woman anticipates that she might not want to have a baby until later in life, she can opt for egg freezing, where her eggs will be preserved for later use. There are quite a few more options out there now than there used to be when it comes to fertility. There is no reason in this day and age that a woman let her life be ruled by her biological clock.

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