False Negative Pregnancy Test Results

False Negative Pregnancy Test Results

Depending on how long you have tried to conceive it, can be a gut wrenching feeling when you see a “-“ in the little window on your home pregnancy test. If you have been trying for a long time this is just another blow to the heart and you honestly feel like you cannot take anymore. You may feel at your wits’ end. How badly you must feel is unthinkable. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

However, what if you still do not have a period? What if you develop all of those early pregnancy signs or symptoms? Immediately you think you are sick or having problems having your menstrual period. Upon visiting your doctor he or she may confirm that you are indeed pregnant. What a shock and relief this must be! But what caused that negative test and what did it mean?

What is a false negative pregnancy test?

Well the name says it all! This means that while you truly are pregnant, your home pregnancy test may read negative to have you believe that you are not pregnant. Devastating!

What caused my false positive pregnancy test?

All pregnancy tests are different, be sure to read the box and follow the directions as for “when” to take the test itself. This can mean the difference in a positive or a negative. Some tests will determine up to one full week before your missed period, while others ask that you wait until you have “skipped” your period by three days.

If that test is designed to determine after the missed period and you take it three or four days before the beginning of your period it will not read the proper amount of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) that the test is looking for. It is all about sensitivity with home pregnancy tests.

Urination error

This sounds much weirder than it actually is. One of the most common reasons for a false positive pregnancy test was not enough urination. If you choose the test that needs to be dipped in the urine in a cup you might not leave it in there long enough or you leave it in there too long.

If you choose the stick that you need to urinate on, it is possible that you hold it at an angle where it does not get the best amount of urine to test. Follow the directions on the box as closely as possible!

Too long to read

Most tests that you take at home will tell you how long to hold the test in the urine and then to lay it down for “x” amount of minutes. If you look at the test and toss it prior to that time OR after that time, your results are invalid. Typically the result will change due to the hCG not being as strong as it was at the first testing time.

Just because you receive a false pregnancy test does not mean that you should give up or give in. If you continue to not have a period, take a test once a week until you can get in to see your OBGYN. He or she can run blood tests to determine if you are pregnant or order ultra sounds to determine as well.

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