What Is An Elective C-Section?

What Is An Elective C-Section?

C-sections are usually carried out when there is a risk of complications through a natural delivery or when the baby has to be delivered prematurely. A C-section is carried out only when complications arise. However, this seems to be changing with time. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Many people are now opting for C-section even though their pregnancy is healthy and they can deliver naturally. Why though? Are they simply too posh to push? Is it convenience they are looking for?

Partly, yes. Some women indeed choose convenience and don’t want to wait for an unpredictable date of birth of their child. They’d much rather schedule the birth and have it delivered through C-section on their own time. Other women opt for C-section because they are scared of a natural delivery.

Fears that causes women to go for C-Section

One of the biggest fears is the pain that they have to endure while delivering the baby. Some women also fear that they might damage the floor of the pelvis in the process. Other women worry about sexual dysfunction after the delivery.

Most of the women who opt for C-section are those who are going to deliver for the first time. They have no idea about the pain associated with labor and childbirth. They have only heard about it from others and have read about it in books and that has scared them a lot.

Labor stories are nothing short of horror stories at times and not every woman is brave enough to go for it after hearing a few of these stories. There are also some women, who opt for C-section in their second or third pregnancy because their first wasn’t a pleasant experience and they simply don’t want to go through it again. Whatever the reason may be elective C-sections have actually become common today.

Talk to your doctor

If you are among those who want to go for a C-section, make sure you first talk to your doctor. Discuss every nook and cranny of your decision with your doctor and see what she has to tell you. In the meantime, don’t let others scare you more than you already are. Fear can do strange things to people.

Don’t let your fear overwhelm you. If someone starts a story about labor and the pain associated, be firm but polite and say that you don’t want to hear it. Say that you will be more than glad to listen to the story once you give birth and what’s more, tell them that you will share your story with them too. Try not letting fear take over your decisions.

Make an informed decision

If the reason why you are choosing C-section is a bad past experience, try making yourself realize that every pregnancy is different and each labor is a new experience. It is not necessary that you will face the exact same circumstances and problems as you did the first time around. You could talk to your doctor to find out why your last birth was such a bad experience. If you know the reason, you will be able to prepare yourself better.

The bottom line

If the fear and worry is still overwhelming you and you definitely want to go for C-section, it is up to you. But it is highly recommended that you learn everything you can about a C-section. Remember that it comes with its own side effects. Once you are aware, you will be able to make an informed decision.

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