Ectopic Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Ectopic Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

When the sperm fertilizes the egg, it travels from the fallopian tube to the uterus and implants to the uterine lining. Sometimes, this is not the case. The fertilized egg might end up attaching somewhere else instead of the uterine lining. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Usually, this attachment occurs in the fallopian tube itself. This condition is known as ectopic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy. The fertilized egg may also implant to the cervix, the ovary, or the abdomen. Attachment to these places is rare but it does happen.

The sad part is that you can’t sustain an ectopic pregnancy. You should make sure you learn the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy so that you can treat it immediately before it begins to affect your reproductive organs and damages them.

Similar to pregnancy symptoms

The symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are almost the same as a normal pregnancy at least in the initial stages. Sometimes, women won’t even feel any symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. Some of the symptoms include a missed period, headache, nausea, fatigue, areola darkening, breast tenderness, breast pain, and so on.

Light bleeding

You will experience light vaginal bleeding along with some pain if you have an ectopic pregnancy. Bleeding occurs even when the implantation occurs in the uterine lining but with ectopic pregnancy, it is heavier. Keeping track of the bleeding will help you find out if it is an ectopic pregnancy or a normal pregnancy.

Too much pain

An ectopic pregnancy may cause the fallopian tube to rupture. This will cause too much pain. You can avoid this by going to the doctor immediately and getting medical help as soon as you suspect that it is an ectopic pregnancy. This sign needs urgent medical attention. You will feel sharp and significant pain in the abdomen and the pelvic area. Soon the pain will spread to the neck and shoulder.


It is not uncommon for women carrying an ectopic pregnancy to go into shock. Shock is a result of the fallopian tube rupture, which also causes intense pain as mentioned in the earlier sign. This shock will be accompanied by dizziness, clammy skin, paleness, racing pulse, and immense weakness. If you experience any of these signs, you have to seek emergency help before it is too late. Procrastinating can lead to a number of problems and dangers.

What are the medical signs of an ectopic pregnancy?

If you doctor suspects an ectopic pregnancy, he will recommend a number of different examinations and tests to find out if his suspects are substantial. A blood test, a pelvic exam, and an ultrasound are the common tests that are carried out to find out if it is an ectopic pregnancy. Through an ultrasound, the doctor will be able to find out where the fertilized egg has been implanted.

Through the pelvic exam, the doctor will be able to find out any discomfort and whether there is a mass in the ovary or fallopian tube. Through the blood test, the doctor can find out how much hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is being released. The levels of hCG can also show whether the pregnancy is normal or ectopic.

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