Easy Ways to Get Pregnant: 5 Tips

How do you get the show on the road and get pregnant fast?

There are a handful of tips I can show with you but it’s important to know if you really want a family, it’s going to happen for you at some time and at the right time but there are things you could do to try to make that happen a little bit faster. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Know when you’re ovulating

The first and most important thing and I say it in every video that I do, is to know when you’re ovulating! Take the time to chart your cycle and know when you’re ovulating. Again, if there’s no sperm to meet the egg when you ovulate, you’re just not going to get pregnant. That’s just how it goes. So that’s very, very key.

Intercourse every other day

The second thing is to know that sperm can survive in your body for a few days, so if you are just getting started and you’re charting your cycle but you don’t have it nailed down yet, you don’t know exactly when you ovulate. A good rule then is to have sex every other day. Why every other day? Well, because first of all, having sex everyday, that isn’t as much fun as it sounds, you will be worn out – and not very happy by the end of the month. And so having it every other day does ensure that there’s probably still some sperm in your body everyday, waiting to meet that egg when you do ovulate. Receive a Free Digital Basal Thermometer – Get Yours Now!. That’s a good rule of thumb.

Avoid using lubricants

Third thing, and something that a lot of people don’t know. Avoid using lubricants during sex when you’re trying to conceive. It turns out that these things can usually impede the motility of the sperm, which is not what we want! We want the sperm to be able to travel as fast as possible and reach to its destination and lubricants can really slow them down. So, put those away.

Stay in place after sex

Another tip I have is to stay put if you have sex. I mean literally. Lay in bed for about 15 minutes. There has been a study that showed, for women who were going to artificial insemination, that she lay still for 15 minutes after their procedure were 50% more likely to conceive than those who didn’t. Now, the study has not been replicated, for conception by intercourse, but in my book, it can’t hurt. I can say from my own experience, that was something we learned after several months of trying for our first and we started doing that right away when trying for our second. We did get pregnant much faster with our second. I can’t say if that’s why – I’m just saying it didn’t hurt.

Relax…reduce stress

The next tip, and is probably the hardest…is relax. It’s really hard to relax when you’re really trying to have a baby and you’re getting stressed out, and you really want, you know, something to work out…but the truth is, stress can really impede your chances of conceiving. So, try to take deep breaths, have fun in the process and try really hard not to worry.

So those are some of my big tips on getting pregnant fast!

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Tiffany Merritt
Tiffany Merritt | ConceiveEasy
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