Easiest Ways To Get Pregnant

Easiest Ways To Get Pregnant

It is a dream of many couples all over the world to settle down with each other and start a family. They feel as if having a little baby will simply make their lives and their families complete. And it seems as if people are willing to try anything to make these dreams come true. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

There are many ways and tips to ensure that you will definitely get pregnant. The majority of these ways are simply easy for both of the parties involved. And all the practice that the couple is getting will be quite enjoyable for both of them.

Before the baby gets here, it is best for the couple to baby-sit for a few of their friends that have small children. They will know what to expect, and they will have a better sense of what to do when the baby comes. But there are very easy ways to ensure that you will definitely get pregnant and fast also.

How often to have sex

The couple can ensure they will definitely get pregnant by having sex at least three times a week. Having sex more often than normal will give the female better chances of getting pregnant when she is ovulating. Sometimes it’s hard for women to tell exactly when they are ovulating and ovulation calendars and predictions are sometimes wrong as well. No way is foolproof unless you are taking an ovulation predictor kit or charting your basal body temperatures daily. Which is why it is the best for the couple to have sex more often.

Be romantic

And while the couple is having sex, make it enjoyable. Don’t just think of it as a job to ensure that she will get pregnant. And it’s true, as crazy as it sounds, this happens. For many long-trying couples, the act of sex becomes only a means to an end. Only the means to making a baby.

And if the couple has been trying without success for many months, these feelings are intensified. The two of you can go out on a romantic date beforehand which will make the experience that much more enjoyable. Also try to keep it fresh, exciting and more spontaneous, if you can.

Pre-conception check-up

It will be easier for both parties involved if they both visit the doctor. The female can go to either her OBGYN or general doctor to ensure that she is in great overall health, and that she doesn’t have any untreated ailments which may hinder her chances of getting pregnant easily. The male can also get checked out by his doctor as well, to make sure everything is working properly to make this process easy also.

Curb alcohol, drugs, and tobacco use

If the female likes to drink and smoke and use recreational drugs then she will need to stop that as soon as possible. These things can hurt her overall chances of being fertile and being able to carry and bear children as well. And don’t stop when she finds out that she is pregnant, she should stop when the couple starts trying to conceive. It will be better for both the mother and the unborn child’s health in the long run.

Missionary position is best

Having sex in the missionary position will also be an easier way for the couple to get pregnant. The sperm is able to enter the vagina and stay for a longer period of time. Because with some other positions such as the female on top, the sperm may have a chance to leak out with gravity. So by having enjoyable sex 3 or more times a week in the missionary position, a couple is likely to get pregnant very easily.

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