Dwight Howard’s Baby Mama Hope Alexa Confirms Paternity

Dwight Howard’s Baby Mama Hope Alexa Confirms Paternity

The Proof Is In The… Tweet?

Another day, another baby mama for Dwight Howard. Howard, the Lakers star, is rumored to have up to as many as five babies with different women, most of whom are kept a big secret. Now, we have proof (well, as close to proof as we’re gonna get) that Howard is the father of sports model Hope Alexa’s beautiful baby daughter Jayde. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

How do we know? Well, just a few weeks ago, Hope tweeted a picture of a beautiful, smiling baby Jayde sitting in her highchair, cheesin’ for the camera. However, the “proof” is in what Hope didn’t pay attention to when posting the photo. In the background of the photo, sitting on a counter, is a picture of baby Jayde as a newborn, looking adoringly up at none other than Dwight Howard.

Sorry, but we really can’t think of another explanation for having a picture of Jayde and Dwight so prominently displayed in her home, other than to remind baby Jayde of her daddy. There are also reports that Hope has made mistakes with her Twitter photos before, posting photos online that clearly show old photos of her and Dwight Howard on her fridge. That’s no way to keep things quiet, girl!

Just Another Drop In The Bucket

The speculation that Hope Alexa really does have a baby with Dwight Howard was confirmed by Howard’s OTHER baby mama Royce Reed on Twitter. Reed tweeted a picture of herself, Hope, and another alleged baby mama, along with a picture of three gorgeous smiling babies. The accompanying tweet said: “You can say what u want but there’s no drama between us! #SiblingLove! Love u girl @hopealexa always!” You might remember Miss Royce Reed.

She is the mother of the only baby that Dwight Howard publicly acknowledges. Reed, a former Orlando Magic dancer, gave birth to Howard’s son Braylon in late 2007. Reed appeared on the reality show Basketball Wives, where she spoke about Howard. Well, Mr. Dwight sure didn’t like that very much, and he hit Reece hard, with a $550 million dollar defamation lawsuit. The couple had a paternity agreement that stipulated that Reece must pay $500 each time she mentions Dwight Howard in public. Talk about crazy!

Out Of Character?

It seems strange that someone like Howard would have so much drama in the baby mama department. (Come on, we’re talking somewhere around FIVE kids with FIVE women, and he only acknowledges one, maybe two?) Howard is known for his extreme religious nature, and once stated that he wished to have a cross added to the NBA logo.

He also had this phrase above his head in high school: “It shall and will come to pass that the NBA will be runned by the standards of God.” All that we can say? It looks like rising to NBA stardom may have switched Howard’s priorities a bit, or at least opened up a few, ahem, doors, that he didn’t see coming. Hopefully, Howard will set things straight soon, and step up if he is in fact the father of these babies, so they can all have a father in their lives.

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